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Re: Is it worth giving survey ships a shield?

The bulk of my experience is with 2nd and 3rd ed but I think a cheap probe ship with a shield is the best bet. Having a shied prevents loss of a ship due to a wp being in a stars corona. Without a shield in that case you have an unexplained ship loss. Remember though that this is thinking as a gamer...
by AlexeiTimoshenko
on Tue 07 Sep 2010 19:50
Forum: General
Topic: Is it worth giving survey ships a shield?
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Re: Quick question re: posting fiction

I think the snippets would be better. In fact I'm in the process of writing a novella based largely upon the timeline of events originaaly printed way back in Nexus 6. Basically it's going to be a story covering the discovery of warp points be FGE and the subsequent birth of the Terran Federation. I...
by AlexeiTimoshenko
on Mon 06 Sep 2010 22:23
Forum: Starfire Fiction
Topic: Quick question re: posting fiction
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