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Re: Small Craft progression

Postby AlexeiTimoshenko on Sun 09 Dec 2012 21:07

Crucis wrote:But I don't think that one needs to have a fighter sensor that's the equivalent of the SPN's or SST's to get the job done. I'm thinking that what fighters would carry is something like what I'm thinking of as "Tactical Sensors" (similar in concept to Ultra's and Solar's "Y" sensor), rather than Long Range Sensors, which probably will never get any smaller than smallcraft mounted. And I'm not even sure about that.

I like the idea of tactical sensor modules for fighters. I'm thinking 60 tH detection range maximum.

The scout sensors should be limited to 1/3 Xr range on the shuttles and 1/2 on the pinnaces due to their larger size which means about twice as much equipment. This would be for presence only as in most cases degrading the other detection levels would make it as if the scout had no upgraded sensors.
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