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The Cosmic Starfire Mandate

Postby Crucis on Mon 20 Jul 2009 01:03

In some of my discussions in the General SF forum, I've begun to get the impression that some don't know or have forgotten the true purpose of Cosmic Starfire... its "mandate", so to speak. So I thought that I'd write about it a bit in this posting.

Note that this should not be considered the end all and be all of Cosmic's "mandate". It's just what came to mind this evening when I wrote it, and I reserve the right to add to it later, if other points occur to me.

The Cosmic Starfire Mandate

Cosmic Starfire is essentially a "3e revival" product. This is hardly any secret.

However, I will state that from the original announcement, I have never said nor promised that Cosmic would be a product based on a merging of all the old sources. I want that to be VERY clear. Cosmic is NOT a simple merging of old 3e source material! Cosmic's goals are a bit more ... aggressive.

Adherence to the Canon History

As I stated in the original annoucement, it is my intention to draw on lessons learned from all editions of Starfire. However, at the same time, there will be a fairly strict adherence to the Canon History.

Note that "fairly strict" is not the same thing as "absolute". However, I have no policy nor guideline that defines what "fairly strict" means other than to say that I will give my very best effort to adhere to the Canon History, but I am willing fudge things because I think that when one reads the history, there is often a little room here and there to make small adjustments if I think they're needed. And as Cosmic's designer, I am making these judgment calls. Of course, it's also my neck on the line if people don't like my choices, and I'm well aware of that.

What is "Canon"?

On another point... what is "Canon"? I view "Canon" as the "Canon History" ... the novels and the stories/interludes within the 3e scenario modules, and to a lesser degree, some of the fictional fluff in the 3e products. Many of the tech systems also sort of fall into the realm of "Canon", as so many of them are presented within the novels and stories that comprise the Canon History.

Look and Feel

I will be trying to retain 3e's "look and feel"... in a number of ways, althought perhaps not in others. You can expect to see the familiar little bits of historical fluff in the tech system descriptions, for example. Most of the tech systems themselves will have a familiar 3e feel to them. However, don't expect the rules to use the old numbering scheme. Also don't expect the rules to be strictly black and white, either. PDF's can do color, ya know... :mrgreen:
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