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Scheduled Downtime 8 OCT and updates 11 OCT

Postby Cralis on Mon 12 Oct 2009 02:49

The downtime for the database backup on 8 OCT was flawless.

I've also added several more updates:

1. The forum stats now show who has visited in the last 24 hours. It is on the bottom of the main forum page.

2. In the upper left where it says "new messages", when there is 1 or more new messages it should turn red, and if you have firefox or opera it will also blink. IE and Chrome have disabled the blink tag and the span blink.

3. Top_Five last forum posts briefly had the correct "last poster" and now shows the date of the last post. However, I had to disable the last poster and return it to the first poster because it broke somehow. Going to look into that. I'm also searching for the format_date function's location in the myriad of functions php and stylesheets in this template so I can have it format the date the same way it appears in the forums.

4. Fixed some internal redirection stuff so it worked better. Moderators and the admin(s) will probably be the only people who ever notice.

5. Attempted to add an "antibot question" and upgrade the captcha so I can have user registration be automatic (rather than require me to authorize every new person). The antibot question isn't working right, and the captcha upgrades apparently are for the beta of the next version of phpbb... what the...? Ok, we'll I'll keep working on it.

I have some more stuff but I'm going to spend my free time this next week adding new content to the main site. After that I'll return to adding new stuff to the forum!
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