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Updates for December 2014

Postby Cralis on Mon 01 Dec 2014 00:51

An update to our status:

First, we have the counters but I found a flaw in how our ecommerce web page interfaces with our ecommerce provider. I have not updated the page to sell the counters until we fix the flaw. It currently doesn't affect us because we don't have physical products for sale at the moment. More on that when I figure it out.

Second, we are going to start making miniatures available on our Shapeways Store the coming week. We are starting with Otterman's Rigellian models and we'll eventually add some Khanate and Terran models. It looks like we will be starting with a half dozen models at the beginning, and then try to add models every week or two.

I'll start a separate forum topic for miniature discussions. It's probably time for that.

At the same time we are going to release a "Quick Start Rules -- Miniatures Version" to get players started with the miniatures concepts. From there we intend to branch out with some base rules that can be used for any version of Starfire.

Look for that about mid-week.
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