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Shapeways Changes & New QSR Packages!

Postby Cralis on Tue 21 Jul 2015 01:47

I've been re-organizing the Shapeways store for some changes coming this week, and I've added a new "QSR Packages" section... and two new QSR packages!

In addition to the Terran (TFN) vs Khanate (KON) QSR package, we now have:

Terrans (TFN) vs Rigellians (RPSA)…/9SNK…/qsr-package-tfn-versus-rpsa


Khanate (KON) vs Rigellians (RPSA)…/PEHG…/qsr-package-kon-versus-rpsa


Over the next week we'll be doing two more important changes:

First, we are going to add the remaining datagroup packages we are missing and add them to a section devoted to datagroups. Along with that we will move the cruiser squadrons into a squadron section.

Second, it looks like Shapeways has made some changes to price calculations. As a result we are going to make some changes to the prices... White Strong & Flexible and White Polished Strong & Flexible will be going down in price.

The QSR Packages already reflect this change.
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