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Changes coming to the Starfire website and ordering

PostPosted: Mon 13 Feb 2017 02:25
by Cralis
Greetings everyone! I'm putting out an announcement... oh call it a warning order ...on some of the changes you'll start seeing here in the next week on our website and in our product ordering.

#1 Product Availability Changes

First and foremost, we are changing our product availability for PDF products. Starting with Original and Classic Starfire we are moving our PDF products from our ordering page to being sold on War Game Vault. Eventually all of our single PDF products will be available on War Game Vault and we will be selling our CD packages, our combined packages, and physical products on our ordering page.

In addition, we are also making available the CD packages in downloadable form for our friends who are ordering newer computers without optical drives. In a twist of irony, I just built a new computer to replace my old machine and the computer case does not include any external ports for optical drives.

#2 Website Changes

We are working on updating our website. The first stage of this will be an update to all of the static pages, including a new ordering page that will have a direct link to our Shapeways and other partnerships. That will come in a couple of updates planned for later this month.

After these steps are complete we will be looking at fixing and updating other parts of our site, as well as putting out additional products!

Re: Changes coming to the Starfire website and ordering

PostPosted: Mon 13 Feb 2017 08:13
by nukesnipe
Wow. I think this will work out well for you as you'll probably get a lot of exposure on WGV.