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Dark Stars Pregame

Postby GFFP on Fri 17 Jul 2009 05:41

Dark Stars Background Info:

I am running a Solo camapign to try out some things.
Since I have several unused copies of StarFleet Battles
laying around and they have such nice counters I am basing
the main races on the SFB races. The Romulans and Federation
the two main Races, and the Klingons are a minor power at
the Start. There are no military EX hull types.

The United Federation of Planets:
Based on Terra, Terran Sector hex 35
RC 25, RD 80, RM 45, RO 50
Tech F, K, Dk, G
Ship classes: Escort, Police Crusier, Frigate, Destroyer, Light Cruiser
No Federation ship larger than Police Cruiser is (AC)

System: 52 Orange Star
1 O3 -VR
3 V
5 T2 -R 1 Mn VR Terra
9 O2 -VR
17 ast
33 G 2 Mn VR R
65 I -R 2 Mn R VR
129 I -VR 2 Mn N R

Galactic Oddity (31\93) -- Miscellaneous Oddity(Unique Resource)
58-67 -- A T/ST planet has a unique resource. When the inhabiting race forms its next trade agreement, the new trade ally finds it can't do without the resource. Increase the trade income of the inhabiting race by up to 50% of the income of this planet. The trade income cannot exceed 20% of the GPV of the trade ally

Peacefully agressive, will always try for trade treaties, typical goody two shoes

The Romulan Imperium
Based on Romulus, Romulan Sector hex 46
RC 75, RD 80, RM 70, RO 75
Tech L, TRP, Pg, D
Ship Classes: Centurian, Snipe, WarHawk, WarEagle, SeaHawk
No Romulan Ship larger than WarEagle class is (AC)

System: 93 Yellow Star
1 O3 -N
6 T7 -P 1 Mn VR Romulus
6 T5 -VR Remus
11 ast
21 G 2 Mn N R
41 G 1 Mn N
81 G 4 Mn VR R R VR
161 I -N 2 Mn N VR

Might makes right, Divine right to rule the universe.
Conquor first talk later.

The Klingon Empire
Based on Qo'Nos, Klingon Sector hex 54
RC 80, RD 80, RM 80, RO 80
Tech F, R, G, D
Ship CLasses: G-2, E-3, E-4, E-5, F-5
No Klingon ship larger than an E-5 is (AC)

System: 733 Binary White Star Dist:27 sH Red Star
2 O3 -VR
7 O3 -VR
12 T5 -N Qo'Nos
22 O2 -R
42 G 2 Mn N R
82 ast
Component B Red Star
1 O3 -VR
8 ast
15 G 3 Mn N N R
29 I -VR 1 Mn N
57 I -VR 4 Mn VR N N VR

Raid, loot pillage, typical barbarians.
Will conquer HT planets, pillage and release low tech races.
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