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Made corrections

Postby Graybeard on Fri 21 Feb 2014 16:07

Thank all of you for your patience.
I have corrected the Maintenance costs on the control sheets.
This is what happened in 1997. My friend and I got a campaign game going and well into it I discovered I'd been playing with a mistake. We dropped the game. I think I'll call him and let him know I did that to myself on this solo campaign game. smile. I have gone and corrected the figures.
I was playing from memory with maintenance from the 1997 game, without realizing it.

I think I'll just wait until I get my Ultimate Starfire Package, so I won't have so many different rules floating around in my head.

I was watching "Space Patrol" live on B & W TV when most of you were gleams in your parents' eyes.
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