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Re: Who's here?

Postby coldsteel on Mon 22 Feb 2016 14:18

Vandervecken wrote:How did 'Tokyo in Tulsa' go. Any Starfire stories?

I'm an Anime fan so if anything great was shown, I'd also like to hear about that as well.

Oh and pics of hot chick in Cosplay costumes are always easy on the eyes, ;)

Well, only got 2 games of Starfire in, turned out to be the same group from the Heartland Gaming Expo back in April. Just ran the first 2 scenarios, they had fun, liked the newer minis I had this time.

TnT always has a lot of anime going on. Unfortunately, I was stuck in the basement running the entire Demo area. :roll: There should be beaucoup pics online, either on FB or Google search...
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