testing your color vision

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testing your color vision

Postby Albireo on Sun 18 May 2014 14:52

Cralis was running the Counter poll #4 to solicit votes about colors to be used on counters for generic races.


This got me thinking and reading about the many different issues about the ways that color is used in daily life.





If it is natural, then why is it proprietary ?


Now I can better appreciate what all the artists are doing out there ! :)

I recall many years ago, my ophthalmologist gave me almost 40 flash cards to check my color vision. I had a perfect score then.


I cannot remember where from the internet, but I read a note that said that some color vision impaired people can see some details in certain particular situations better than non-impaired people. :o

You can not fully trust these test from the internet for many reasons. ;)
It is best if you visit your professional ophthalmologist. :)


I had fun taking these tests.
It is like trying to get the correct answer to a test where they intentionally made it difficult for you.
The frustration was a bit amusing. :lol:

On the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 HueColor Vision Test, the lower your test result the better.
My first attempt, I got a test result of 40.
My second attempt, I got a test result of 12.


I tried that test again without bothering to attempt it.
It gave a test score of 936. That is a bad score !
It explained that any score above 300 is bad.

Take care of your eyes.
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