Score Card After 1 Year

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Score Card After 1 Year

Postby kedrake on Thu 10 Jul 2014 13:32

Although you are reading about the Gryphon Kingdom, I am actively playing 5 different races at this time. Each has a somewhat different strategy on how they are being played. After 12 months I will outline some key data points and see how the races are stacking up.

EL - How many RPs have been accumulated to EL3.

Gryphon - 59
Roma - 60
Horz - 120 (note the Horz reached EL3 with a good roll on the first turn they actually COULD roll)
Pelipi - 60
Binaries -75

Systems - Total number of systems discovered

Gryphon - 8
Roma - 9
Horz - 8
Pelipi - 8
Binaries - 4

Populations - Total number of systems with a population (i.e. income generating).

Gryphon - 3
Roma - 3
Horz - 4
Pelipi - 4
Binaries - 2

SL2 - Number of Tech Trees (excluding CON) that have hit SL2

Gryphon - 4
Roma - 8
Horz - 4
Pelipi - 5
Binaries - 8

Breaks - Number of Breakthroughs that have been made

Gryphon - 1
Roma - 0
Horz - 0
Pelipi - 1
Binaries - 2

Ships - Number of ships (no bases counted) in fleet

Gryphon - 74
Roma - 76
Horz - 70
Pelipi - 74
Binaries - 29

Total Hull - Total number of Hull Sizes in the fleet

Gryphon - 746
Roma - 1163
Horz - 656
Pelipi - 757
Binaries - 885

Avg Hull - Average size (in HS) of ship.

Gryphon - 10.08
Roma - 15.30
Horz - 9.37
Pelipi - 10.23
Binaries - 30.51

Miscellaneous items of note:

Gryphon has only 1 path open for exploration via open warp points. They have found 3 type T planets and 1 Type St. One of the T's is Very Rich, one is Normal and one is Very Poor (all are Harsh). The ST is Poor and Hostile.

Roma has 2 open paths for exploration via discovered open warp points (there is an open Warp Point in one system that was missed in the first survey). They have found 2 ST planets (they being an ST race) one Normal and one Rich, also one T planet (Poor), and of note a type B that is Super Rich.

Horz has 2 open paths for exploration (and one missed open warp point in a survey system). They have found 3 type T planets. One is Poor and Harsh, the other two have yet to be surveyed. They also have found a Super Rich class B planet. They have reached EL 3.

Pelipi have only 1 open path for exploration (and one missed open warp point). They are the first race to find a Benign planet, however it has Poor resources. They also have 1 ST planet, but it too has Poor resources. The Pelipi have had a random breakthrough and have two open SRW tech trees.

Binaries have 3 open paths for exploration. They have missed one open warp point during surveys. All three warp points into their home system are either Concealed (1) or Secret (2) on the far end. In fact every warp point on outbound leg of their exploration has been something other than Open on the far side. They have found a Benign planet (with Very Poor resources), and another type T that has yet to be surveyed. The Binaries have had 2 random breakthroughs and have both the I & J drive trees open and 2 SRW trees open.
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