Update on Master System List

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Update on Master System List

Postby Cralis on Mon 07 Apr 2014 22:37

Well, I'm up to 1,618 systems and now adding the variable weapons. I'm taking the time to make it sortable by "base" or actual tech item, as well as SL, cost, and size.

What is "base" ? Good question!

So, for example, when you list all those pretty systems, they get all jumbled up because of the generations. Eka, for example, goes between Ea, Eb, Eca, Ecb, Ece.... Ei, Eka, Em... blah blah blah. (and yes, I shortened that up for brevity).

So I provide a base that goes something like this (using E for example again): E, Er, Ev, Ec, Ecr, Ecv, Eh, Ehr, Ehv, etc. All generations have the same "base" so they are all sorted by base, then by code.

Works pretty nicely.

I thought about a lower level base, like putting "E" in front of all those base variations in the example above, but at some point adding more and more columns gets silly and those bases should sort fairly well together.
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