Tael Rath Tech Tree

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Tael Rath Tech Tree

Postby DizzyFoxkit on Mon 16 Jun 2014 23:58

Tech currently being researched: None(pregame month)

I will be mostly prefacing with a simple tech tree name, followed by the SL said tech tree is at. For example, if PT was at 5, I would put PT: 5

Construction: 2
Small Craft: 1
Life Support: 1
Electronics: 1
Sensors: 1
Science Instruments: 1
Armor: 1
Shields: 1
Tractor Beams: 1
Tactical Drives: 1
Plasma Torpedoes: 1
Laser Beams: 1

Edit: I have gotten a hold of the turn sheets that Dazrands put together. I will be replacing the contents of the part or at least modifying them to better reflect the turn sheets.
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