How it all began

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How it all began

Postby Graybeard on Fri 07 Feb 2014 18:31

Wonder World is the home planet of the Wookies (remember Chewbacca in the movie "Star Wars"?) Well, this is where he's from. The T type world has scattered continents and archipelagos Just like in Earth's 20th Century, there are scattered Wookie populations ranging from stone age up through pre-industrial to IND1. The different populations mostly occupied different continents and archipelagos. On a large archipelago was a monarchal Wookie IND! population. The kings of different ages had sent out exploration fleets and mapped the shores to the seas of Wonder World. Their explorations and subsequent trade ventures revealed that the Kings of Wonder Archipelago were the highest technology level.

Going to give this some more thought and make some more population rolls for my planet to determine where pre-IND and other IND1 populations are locate.

Wonder had become a sea power, with its great sailing rafts plying the oceans. The rafts were a work of art and science. (See Thor Hyerdhal's "Kon Tiki") They had multiple centerboards and at least one square rigged mast. They weren't very fast, rather slow, actually; they were quite stable and the larger ones carried heavy loads of cargo and could be used to transport troops. It was seldom one capsized and the few times that happened, people just crawled onto what had been the bottom of the raft. It didn't sink. Sometimes, rafts came apart at sea. When this happened, sailers straggled home on different parts of the wrecked raft; and craftsmen whose rafts came apart at sea went out of business.

The Arlis line of kings' dynasty had lasted 10,000 years. The kings were good businessmen and just rulers. They had first peacefully consolidated all the Archipelagos, and then protected the Wookies on a smaller continent from another line of kings on one of the two larger continents. The Arlis kings forged a defensive pact with the independent Wookies on the smaller continents, and that put the planetary forces as the one large continent against the other continents and all the archipelagos on the planet. The Arlis kings tried to negotiate with the different kings on the large continent. Those kings were poor rulers and mistreated their people. Their trade ventures were scuttled by the Arlis dynasty, who had all the trade routes in the smaller continents and between the archipelagos. Slowly, centuries at a time as one line of kings on the larger continent after another saw their respective kingdoms collapse and their resources grow thin. People kept leaving the kingdoms of the larger continent and immigrated to the other continents and immigrated to some of the archipelagos. Eventually, the larger continent had the smallest population. The people on the larger continent were all far behind of the technologies of the other Wookies. Eventually, the Arlis dynasty ruled the entire planet, having achieved a peaceful victory.
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