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Government and Economics

Postby Graybeard on Sun 09 Feb 2014 17:46

Monarchs on Wonder World are considered divinely appointed, because of the first Arlis, whose codes and policies were just and good to all the Wookies. Monarchs were monitored by the priesthood of a monotheistic religion, the precepts of which were practiced by the first and subsequent Arlis, resulting in the just and good codes and policies. The Wookies wanted to keep those just and good codes and policies. The Arlis dynasty provided those just and good codes and policies. So, the Wookies kept the Arlis dynasty in power.

Wonder W'orld's government has been a stable monarchy since ever. There were progressives with ideas like socialism or republics or democracies who came and went. The king asked the people to vote on these ideas, reminding them that they already had a good thing with the Arlis dynasty. The people, schooled in their youth, went along with the "If it works don't fix it" philosophy and voted down the upstart republics, socialist and democratic ideas.

2-09-14 addendum
There's a system of checks and balances at a high level, to keep priests from bringing usurpers to throw over the Arlis and to keep the Arlis from leaving the good and just codes and policies path. Any Arlis found astray by the High Priest is warned.
If the Arlis continues to stray, the High Priest summons a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Joint Chiefs then determine whether or not to notify the Marshals and Admiral. With a prayerful consensus vote of guilty, the Arlis is removed from the throne and the next inheritor in line is considered, Prayerfully casting lots, the priests test the Father of Spirits to discover His choice of the next Arlis. The dethroned Arlis has recourse to law to prevent his or her execution. The High Court will determine whether to slay or to imprison for life the wayward Arlis. The two times in 10,000 years that the Arlis refused to repent and return to administrating the good and just rule of good and just codes and policies, the High Court had that Arlis executed, to prevent imprisoned conniving.
Any clergy or minister found catering to nobles or progressives or others to overthrow the Arlis are reported promptly to the Arlis. If the High Priest is backing a revolution, the other priests report him to the Arlis. These are the only offenses punished by capital punishment. Usually, the population will not follow corrupted nobility because of the "If it works, don't fix it." widespread philosophy,
Various types of corporeal punishment are administered by the PCF in that sector. Populace may petition the local priest if the punishment is not by the code.
So, the Arlis and the High Priest keep each other and keep the nobles and keep the other clergy and ministers honest.

The feudal economy had seen economic experiments of socialism, capitalism and such, but the distributism system was just too sweet to leave: it was a series of employee owned co-ops. In the bad old days, many a slave worked his and or her way to freedom in the distributism economy. And, it sure made things easier when the workers were owners of the businesses. Sorta removed the management/labor friction. And, slaves and free as co-owners of the same business easily removed slavery from Wonder societies.
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