Suggested multiplayer rules

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Suggested multiplayer rules

Postby VoidStalker_WoE on Sun 28 Dec 2014 15:20

Note: this thread is for general discussion of simplified startup conditions/rules for multi-player games. Please see the ‘Take One the rules’ thread for rules I am using in my solo game.

In this thread, I will start the process of discussion for creating multiple levels of increasingly complex rules for the strategic level of play for SSF. This discussion is NOT in any way official, but rather a ‘public square’ type of discussion for the possibility that the SDS staff might take notice of and implement some form of official version(s) of the rules for going from very basic, to full blown SSF. Although I personally am only concerned with the latest and greatest (as of Dec 2014) version of star fire, SSF, some of the proposed ideas may be applicable to older versions.

So to start things off, here is my idea for the least complicated version of a strategic level game.
Players start off with an existing solar system (a legit SSF one preferably), and all play takes place within that one system. Each player has a HomeWorld, starting forces, and mandatory defenses for their HW, in the form of PDC’s and Orbital Bases, plus a starting SS (with their SY), but protected by at least 2 military modules. Learning points:

• Planets are abstracted, and just produce monthly wealth. Maintenance is eliminated. Repairs are abstracted, they take time with a SY present, cost MC to repair, but nothing else (so no worrying about exact times, construction rates, etc.).
• At the next level up (read as more complete than the level before), some of the above are ‘fleshed out’ a bit more.
• Repeat this process in as many separate levels as are needed, until you reach either the maximum complexity of the SSF rules, OR the maximum complexity level your group wishes to play at.
Once folks have found their ‘comfort level’ with the above, then move on to the areas below:
• Research and Development is not present.
• Then, highly abstracted, very simple R&D is introduced, that allows player to develop more advanced versions of existing systems, and even a very limited selection of additional systems. SL, EL, and such are unknown and not mentioned.
• Slowly expand this area until players are fully comfortable with the simplified concept of spending funds, over time, and then getting ‘new stuff’.
• Introduce the concept (in a grossly simplified form) of Science Levels, Economic Levels, Knots and such. Take it slow and make sure folks are good with the level they are at before attempting to take things further.
• Again, take your time and introduce things when all the players are ready for them, slowly building up to the complete rules or the level your group wishes to play at.

This is my basic suggested simplified start. Note that no thought has been posted on income expansion, colonization, etc. I want everyone else to post ideas here. Be a vague as I was, or get as specific as you like, but let your voice be heard here!
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Re: Suggested multiplayer rules

Postby procyon on Mon 29 Dec 2014 03:56

Your basic premise would be a good primer.
You could simply give them a set income. With set increases over time. A 'roster' of ships that they can purchase from. And set costs for repairs of said ships.
Then let them spend their MC's for a fleet and defenses.
Put together a 'track' with (perhaps) 11 'blocks'. Let the two players distribute their ships on one of the blocks at each end (the homeworld) to start. Then they can issue 'orders' for them to move a number of blocks up to their MP. Each block they can park a ship on gives them more MC to spend the next turn (so putting all your ships in one fleet will only give you income for one block with concentrated firepower, while spreading some ships over other blocks will give you less firepower in your main fleet but more income).
When the players fleets meet on a block, those fleets have a battle. Whichever side has ships on the battle board at the end of the battle gets the block. Ships of the losing side may exit the board and will end up one block back for the next turn.
Ships will have to return to the 'homeworld' block for repairs (unless you let them buy a 'repair ship' with MS which could repair a ship or two per turn) or could fight with damage in the following turns.
Each turn will likely see battles as the two sides jostle to send fleets farther and farther from their 'homeworld' to seize more blocks or try desparately to keep the other players ships from getting closer to their 'homeworld'. They can only deploy 'bases' and PDCs (designed by you) on the 'homeworld' block. If they lose their homeworld block, they lose the game.

That is a rather generic battle series set of rules, with very little of the campaign part of the game involved (essentially none other than spending MC's). but it will give them an idea of how battles progress and defenses are 'arrayed'. It will also give folks a lot of experience in the tactical end, which is important - and the 'fun' part of the game for new players.
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Re: Suggested multiplayer rules

Postby PracticalM on Wed 31 Dec 2014 12:28

I would recommend using a binary system or a far binary system (put star 1 or more StMP from each other).

This way players get their own systems and you can focus on deep space battles initially without the rush to hit each other's home world.

In general, there are things players can do to each other when they have access to each other's home world. The first player to start attacking the PU of the other player's home world will get some economic advantage.
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