Take One the rules

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Take One the rules

Postby VoidStalker_WoE on Sun 28 Dec 2014 15:17

Note: This thread is for the rules I am going to play my solo game with/by. For ideas and a place to post them, please see the ‘suggested multiplayer rules’ thread for simplified multi-player rule ideas.

First, let me say that if you are looking here for a Lomn style, full treatment of the complete rules, you are looking in the wrong place! My first efforts at playing the solo campaign game is just to ‘test the waters’ so to speak, and even then I will be limiting the scope of the rules that will actually be implemented, in the interests of keeping things simple and moving forward.
Before I get started on the game, I want to start some background threads on my thoughts about what I am trying to do, and how I am attempting to go about it. Some of these will deal with gameplay, others will deal with thoughts on how to get friends with limited playing time to ‘get into’ the campaign level of play, and others will deal with posting methods and such.

The rules, part one, System Generation.

There are currently 20 steps to this process, starting with the ID number and ending with the ‘check for life’. Here are my thoughts at this preliminary stage.

1. Generate system ID. Unneeded, as I don’t use a table to tell me where a WP leads to.
2. Oddity. No thanks, I have enough to learn/teach as is. Maybe later.
3. System type. To keep me sane, I’ll just rule a range of 13-65 for any roll.
4. Anomaly. See oddity above.
5. Star type. I’ll go with a set 23-46 range for rolls here. See #3 above.
6. WP quantities. Unneeded, see #1 above.
7. WP bearing from star. As is.
8. WP Type. Not used.
9. WP Visibility. Not used.
10. Planets orbits. As is.
11. Planet Environments. As is.
12. Some adjustments. As needed with minimal rules in use.
13. Moon numbers. As is.
14. Moon orbits. As is.
15. Moon tide-locks. As is.
16. Rings. As is.
17. Nebulas. Not used.
18. Nebulas. Not used.
19. REI. As is.
20. Check for life. As is.

As all I am interested in doing at this point is getting a limited campaign game going, just so that I can teach the same to my friends, so we can begin to enjoy the game at the strategic level of play, I have taken the liberty to greatly reduce the complexity of the strategic rules. These changes are designed to allow me to learn enough to play the game solo, gain needed experience and familiarity with the rules, and allow me to then be able to teach with confidence and clarity, these same simplified rules to my friends, most of whom do not have the time nor inclination to spend more than 30 minutes or so in game preparation.

That being the case, I need to focus on keeping the most critical portions of the rules intact, while reducing the time needed to learn them to a minimum. I am open to suggestion, comments, and the like about the above changes to the system generation phase of a solo campaign game, keeping in mind that the goal (my goal, that is), is to get to a strategic level mini-campaign with friends that can be played in a single weekend. If I can get folks playing at that level, and if they are then hungry for more, then we can go further into the rules at that time. OTOH, it is possible that the level of commitment needed to play anything more complex may not be available for all players, and so the minimum player commitment will be the rule for the group as a whole, as the last thing I want/need is to split the small group up by making it too complex for some to enjoy (or even play), just to satisfy another portions desire for the greater complexity.
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