Take One mission statement

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Take One mission statement

Postby VoidStalker_WoE on Sun 28 Dec 2014 15:24

12/28/2014 2:15 PM
Ok, so as I get closer to starting my first game (and this has to be done around my move to my new place approximately 29-30th Dec 2014), I am taking the time to try to get things organized. Well, as organized as I ever get, that is, LOL.

My Mission Statement for TAKE 1 (and I’ll do something like this from time to time when is seems appropriate to do so as things progress) is:

Get a beginning understanding of the rules and procedures to starting and playing a game of SSF, but subject to the following conditions;

• Due to time constraints, the initial campaign attempts will be very limited in scope (I know I will be messing many things up, and so I leave myself an automatic, periodic reset) to say the first ten turns of a strategic game. Additionally, my initial attempts are going to be using a much abbreviated version of the SSF rules, both in order to help me make steady (if limited) progress as well as to allow me to document the process of learning and posting.
• Due to the nature of my gaming group, and the unfortunate constraints imposed by real life (that great destroyer of free time) I cannot guarantee that I will ever ‘go all the way’ with the full blown, total rules for SSF. If my guys are good with learning all the rules and playing by them in a full scale, long and drawn out, epic campaign game, great. However, past experience has shown that we have a tendency to bite off more than we can chew, and this means that our campaign games die an unnatural death due to the great destroyer (RL).
• Due to past experience, I plan to move cautiously into the realm of strategic campaign gaming, by keeping the scope of the rules complexity, and size of the playing field, VERY sharply limited. So before I attempt to run a multi-system, multi-player campaign game, I will want to have at least 1 or 2 single-system, multi-player campaign games, that get played to ‘completion’ (whatever that means) rather than just dying off due to the great destroyer.
• Due to the above, I will limit my own personal solo campaign(s) to the complexity level that I can realistically expect my group to get to playing on a regular (or heck, even occasional) basis.

So, what does all that really mean in terms of my playing/posting a solo campaign?

I have to look at my own personal campaign attempts, at this stage of things, in the light of what is needed to be able to teach others. I need a minimal rules set, a small, easy to play, fun mini-campaign that a group can be realistically expected to be able to play through in an evening’s gaming. I see this goal as the most important and immediate need for my enjoyment of SF. I will therefore attempt to restrain myself from trying to go too far afield from where my gaming group is/will be, at least for now.

With all this in mind, I don’t want to have folks here about howling with shocked outrage when they read about the ‘liberties’ I am going to be taking with the rules.

What I am NOT going to be doing, in the foreseeable future, is post a full workup on the full SSF rules, in a full sized, far flung, immense galactic setting. I simply don’t have the time to do so. So if that is what you are wanting, I am going to let you know that you are in for a sad disappointment here in my threads/solo campaign(s).

What I WILL be doing is playing and posting a very small strategic campaign, using the bare minimum of rules, so that I can gain experience, have a good time, and hopefully entertain the forum community.

Additionally, I will be working to provide the reasons and rational for exempting wholesale quantities of the official rules from my playing/posting efforts. Not everyone will agree with everything that I choose to exempt, but I am open to suggestion as well as interested in others thoughts on the matter.

Other goals for these efforts, would be to get a workable set of strategic rules (think, QSR for strategic level play), to facilitate the teaching of new players the bare minimum, to get them hooked on playing in a rudimentary campaign setting. The VERY minimum could be what my group did in the old days, before we got a copy of SF III; Empires, “You have X amount of MC, a TL of Y, and Z ship hull types available, each turn, plus whatever remaining forces you had left over from the previous turn.” That was the most extreme reduction of the strategic rules we ever did, but it also worked.

With all this being so, I’ll start the discussion thread for the reduced rules that I plan to play by, and also a ‘suggested rules’ thread where folks can post ideas for varying complexity levels of simplified strategic rules, so that others can have a workable starting place. For those that are currently playing the full on SSF rules, more power to ya, but for the rest of us…
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