When Six Bells Toll: Tales from the Ascendency

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When Six Bells Toll: Tales from the Ascendency

Postby Lomn on Sun 03 May 2015 13:15

Auctor sus-Arnopaath looked out over the sprawling shipyard complex orbiting her world. The feverish pace of spaceborn construction, the immeasurable wealth of worlds now being devoted to the Great Black Beyond — all of this would have been unthinkable just a few years prior. So much would have been unthinkable.

1427 days ago, Jans Periit uploaded a paper to the datasphere that shook the foundations of the universe. Her application of quantum gravity not only posited but demonstrated empirical evidence of stable space-time junctions that interacted with the dark lightning which suffused the universe. With the Eraasi no longer be bound by Idanthuos' Laws and the lightspeed barrier, what now could the Priesthood say to defend their theology? And so, before the 'sphere could be purged and Periit re-educated, the students took up arms — the populations arose about them — the Grand Bishop was deposed. One thousand four hundred and twenty-seven days! How vast the epochs of time; how fine the pivots on which they turn.

No longer would the Eraasi be shackled to their home system. sus-Arnopaath did not know how long it would take the universities to recover from centuries of suppression by the Priesthood, but her people had thrown themselves into the practical matters of engineering a space-faring power with wild abandon. Even now the first exploration vessels equipped with the syn-Periit fold drive were launching from the shipyards, fledgling steps into a suddenly-open universe. The Eraasi were bound for the stars, not to search for their gods, but to become them.
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