Turn 54 - Strategic Overview

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Turn 54 - Strategic Overview

Postby Moonsword on Fri 30 Oct 2015 09:46

This is the beginning of that strategic overview I mentioned. I'm going to start with the Terran Confederation, my "player" race, before going through the Confederation's two NPR allies and ending with their new friends beyond the Sargasso.

Terran Confederation
EL 5, Total GSV 14,328.7, HI 5

Political and Historical Review
The Terran Confederation is the descendant of prior, pre-Unification international political organizations including the European Union and the United Nations. Developed from a strengthened UN to meet increasing global responsibilities and the task of coordinating economic activities and responding to the increasing political tensions and climatic stresses of billions of humans on the planet, the Confederation unified as humanity started to move out into the solar system. The final catalyst for the much stronger, more unified government was the confirmation of the Hawking-Li Wormhole Theorem. While it took some time for the actual discovery of Sol's warp points, the political processes played out mostly peacefully with the exception of the Sovereignist Movement. A primarily Sino-American movement, they objected strongly to the final dissolution of effective national authority and sovereignty in favor of the Confederation, and in addition to a wave of ugly terrorist incidents in the late 2130s, sympathizers seized control of two corvettes to force a showdown with forces that were to provide the embryo of the Terran Confederation Navy. Although the United States Space Force frigate Chesapeke was lost with all hands, Confederation-allied naval units were victorious and the Hawking Yards, now the TCN's premier naval shipyard, remained intact.

Aside from continuing quiet rumbles of Sovereignist sympathizers and one or two major political flareups, the Confederation has largely settled down over the past two decades into a functioning representative democracy. The single largest challenge since the Battle of Hawking Yards was the discovery by Conferation Bureau of Investigation auditors that the governor of Vishvakarman, a marginally habitable world in the LHS 1723 system, had managed to cobble together a major cell of Sovereignist support, even siphoning off much of the colony's economic output and suborning unwitting allies in the Navy to assemble two Queensland-class cruisers hidden in the outer system as the beginnings of a bid to create a breakaway power. Not yet crewed, the hulls were taken into TCN service and the governor is currently serving a life sentence in a (mildly) refurbished Siberian gulag. The general audits ordered by President Vanessa Reed at the direction of the Confederation Assembly have by and large managed to find most of the bad apples without creating a political witch hunt.

Current Situation
Astrographic map forthcoming

Until two weeks ago, the Terran Confederation was the undisputed economic power among the known races. As that list consisted of a single young interstellar power, a "rival" limited to their home star system that was busy recovering from a brief, highly unpleasant civil war and the change of government, and a minor race that had been uplifted to starflight capability by the Confederation itself, the claim isn't as impressive as it sounds. To their credit, many of the Confederation's key leaders were well aware of the limitations of their knowledge of what could be out there and the discovery of the Hierarchy of Axanar - at the time, a militant, potentially aggressive power - threw a splash of cold water on illusions of humanity being alone to exploit the stars in peace. Although the Confederation was able to withdraw its single probe of the system and establish fortresses and a fleet presence before initiating an ultimately peaceful first contact, the situation prompted the Confederation Navy to begin a long-delayed expansion that finally ended with an even dozen Block II Queensland-class heavy cruisers as the Navy's active strength. Economically, the Confederation has 16 colony worlds, nearly three dozen inhabited moons, and significant mining and industrial works in Sol's Asteroid Belt. An extensive merchant marine services both domestic shipping and external trade with the Consensus of Axanar and the Gilcullen Order through the warp points of Delta Pavonis. Although external trade is still a small part of the Confederation's economic diversity, internal leasing of government-backed freighters to the commercial freight haulers brings in approximately 20% of the revenue available to the Confederation's central government over and above that from taxes and tariffs alone.

Strategically, the current crisis has caught the Terran Confederation Navy at an awkward time. Despite the retirement of the Rana and Beijing classes to the mothballs and the failure to properly modernize those hulls before placing them on inactive status, the Navy was determined to maintain and expand its strength and incorporate new technology. That process began with design studies and the commissioning of two additional cruiser classes, the Carthage "frontier" light cruisers and the Swiftsure battle cruisers. Although both have entered series production, delays in the Swiftsure program due to the need prototype a hull that large mean that only one hull, BC1 Swiftsure, is currently on active service, with BC2 Semillante slated be commissioned at the end of the month and four additional hulls already under construction. Further, the TCN was preparing to shift its strategic deployments in light of the alliance with the Consensus of Axanar to concentrate its fleet properly in Sol and Epsilon Eridani, the Confederation's two systems best positioned in the warp lines for a nodal response force. Light Cruiser Squadron One has taken over the TCN Gelcar Station as part of the Confederation's treaty obligations to the Gilcullen Order but First Fleet had not yet been refitted or moved to Eridani Station, leaving a single cruiser division in Epsilon Eridani under Commodore Naoki Mocizuchi as the sole force in range to respond when unknown alien forces ambushed Survey Flotilla Gamma and made an aggressive probe into Omicron Eridani.

Tactically, the Terran Confederation Navy has become very "top-heavy", with no ships in active commission smaller than a light cruiser and is comparatively slow tactically and strategically because of it. Further, the TCN bet on the w