Scenario 2. They Have Returned

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Re: Scenario 1. They Have Returned

Postby noname_hero on Wed 15 Jun 2016 03:30

procyon wrote:And I see some folks take a bit of issue with my wife's (aka 'Missile Queen'...) interpretation of the scenario.

Sorry. She would say forced suicide for the DD would not be much of a learning experience for the DD player. But when you don't know the other ships - first contacts tend to be slow sparring contests. She was concerned the CT mounted 2 R each plus a Mg and she was going to be outgunned.
She also expected the boy to break off after a couple hits. But he is young and fairly aggressive - and lost a ship for it. He did save one.

I would definitely call that a learning experience.
And fun too. 8-)

I guess I should clarify my opinion on the matter. I think your wife's tactic was perfectly sensible if the battle was an open duel. I would use the same tactic myself in such a situation.

However, the whole setup of the campaign and of the scenario itself, including the way Kyo get stories and Aliens get next to nothing (Alien ship even has a designation instead of a propper name), create, at least to me, an impression that the scenario is designed to make the alien behave like a faceless automaton that's just a part of some anonymous horde. And like I wrote before, that special rule about closing distance makes little sense if one interprets it the way your wife did, as the faster ships can enforce the closing rate of 1hex/turn no matter what the other player wishes.

Frankly, the scenario becomes extremely boring unless the rules force a duel. The Kyo quickly discover how badly outgunned they are and they can either disengage or get clobbered. It pushes all good players to accept a draw, because the Kyo have little chance of closing the distance before they get too damaged and the Alien is unable to catch the Kyo. Okay, the Kyo *migth* get away with taunting the Alien into wasting ammo, as with EM at max range they have 96% chance of not getting hit by both Rs at the same time and they can open the range to let their shields regenerate, but that might turn the battle into dozens of turns of extremely boring maneuvers followed by a draw anyway. Or the Kyo might try pincers, spending maybe fifty or sixty turns moving into position if the alien doesn't cooperate, but even that tactic is extremely risky, given how vulnerable to engine damage the Kyo are.

So while I do agree with you that your battle was a learning experience, if was a different lesson than the one I thought this scenario was designed for.
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Re: Scenario 1. They Have Returned

Postby procyon on Wed 15 Jun 2016 07:24

Well, in a solo game - having the DD act like an automaton would be ok. But in a two player game, forcing one player to accept only a suicidal strategy is pretty cruel.
If both sides had preset and rigid movement orders, it would be an awfully boring exercise in playing to a predetermined conclusion. In our experience, you learn the most in head to head battles.
So you are free to your interpretation. I have no idea what cralis plans for the aliens, so you could easily be right. But in the interest of making it fun for two players, you have to let the battlefield commanders interpret their SOPs as they see fit.

And if it makes you happier, I can write up scenario 2 from the Aliens view point. Writing up a race with a ship designated by their foe as an 'Alpha' would be all to familiar...
...and I will show you fear in a handful of dust....

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