Scenario Scoring

With a new concept we decided to restart this idea. Here are the original scenarios for historical purposes.

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Scenario Scoring

Postby Cralis on Wed 05 Oct 2016 00:03

Since we are going to have some of the scenarios "chain" with assets from scenarios moving forward to the next scenario, we need to make clear the purpose of victories. Independent of any long term advantage or disadvantage saving or not saving assets will have on any chained scenarios, each scenario has victory conditions the are intended to give clear win or loss conditions. If players are to compete against each other to see who is better, then the victory conditions will have score values. After completing a series of scenarios players can compare their scores to determine who has best satisfied the needs and desires of the empire they represent. You may not agree. Captains are not often asked for compliance or agreement with their orders, and the enemy certainly isn't going to ask if you care for the conditions you've been placed in. Do your best.

Unless otherwise specified, victory conditions produce the following scores:
Major Victory is worth 4 points
Minor Victory is worth 2 points
Draw is worth 1 point to each side under the draw condition

Special victory conditions or point values will be explicitly spelled out in the scenario(s).
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