the new history of STARFIRE!

Based on ULTRA, SOLAR STARFIRE (SSF) is the newest edition of STARFIRE. Built specifically for the upcoming History of the Terran Solar Union, the rules are designed to replicate the campaign gameplay, scenarios, and histories for the stories. Changes to the rules are on-going as the history expands and new technologies, strategies, races, and more have already been added or will be added as expansions. Still using the same tactical system as all STARFIRE products, SSF delivers a unique perspective yielded by the background history.

For a list of changes and additions, you can look at the Changes FAQ.

The official history is being built exlusively for SOLAR STARFIRE. We already have one short-story available and the original Terran Outline and other information on the Terran Solar Union on the Stories Page. With the release of SOLAR STARFIRE we are now turning our attention towards building a site dedicated to the history and finishing more stories, scenarios, and more. Look for more about the history soon!

Don't forget to check out the SSF Forums where other players will be discussing Solar Starfire, and the TSU History Forum where more short stories and discussions about the background history will be posted.

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