War. Intrigue. Diplomacy. Maneuver. And War!

Historical Records:
The historical records are archives of events that happened during the official histories of COSMIC STARFIRE or ULTRA STARFIRE. Historians are currently going over these records to produce usable copies for the public.

Official Fiction:
Official STARFIRE fiction will be made available here. The Official ULTRA STARFIRE history project was announced this fall, and will be updated on a bi-weekly basis starting in January.

Official History of the Terran Solar Union
Rules Customizations for TSU

TSU Stories:
Sierra-Two-Two (six chapters)

Chat about it in the TSU History sub-forum

SDS Newsletter:
Coming in 2010

If you haven't check it out yet, the community section hosts the new STARFIRE forums! There you can find discussions on all version of Starfire, player stories, links to fan websites, and more! Our plan is to recreate many of the better ideas that have been floated in the past (player registery, story submissions, campaign pages, etc.) and more! If you have any ideas please leave us a note on the forum after you sign up.

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