for competition campaign games.

Based on GALACTIC STARFIRE, ULTRA STARFIRE improves gameplay, simplifies record keeping, and balances the technologies and strategies for improved player-versus-player competitions. The ULTRA rules were designed to re-balance the weapons and strategies deployed in the game so that a player has to worry less about the balance of his technologies against other technologies and can instead focus on how to capitalize on his choices to defeat his opponent(s) in battle.

The ULTRA STARFIRE rules are the first SDS product to fully utilize electronic functionality through clickable links to thousands of examples, appendixes, and important rules references throughout its 350-plus pages.

An article about the differences between GSF/ULTRA and CLASSIC STARFIRE is available here.

ULTRA STARFIRE improves upon GSF with new and optional rules, entire sections re-written for clairty and understanding, re-balanced weapons and technology, as well as tech trees expanded up to EL/SL 50.

The current edition of ULTRA STARFIRE is Version 4-2009, which was released on 13 April 2009. With more than five years of improvements, ULTRA STARFIRE is the largest and most comprehensive STARFIRE edition ever released. For more information on ordering ULTRA, please browse our Ordering Page.

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