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Current version of Draft Hull Table

PostPosted: Fri 03 May 2013 23:07
by Crucis
As requested, here's a separate thread for the current version of the hull table. I will be locking this thread, so that only I can update this thread if there's a need to update the hull table.

And here's the current version of the hull table.

Draft Hull Table

Hull Type [FT#]Tech LevelSizeEngine Power (I/MP)
Warship Hulls
CT [1]TL111-151/2
FG [2]TL116-301
DD [3]TL131-451-1/2
CL [4]TL246-602
CA [5]TL361-752-1/2
BC [6]TL476-903
BB [7]TL691-1204
DN [8]TL8121-1505
SD [9]TL10151-1806
MT [10]TL12181-2408
SMT [11]TL14241-30010
Hull TypeTech LevelSizeEngine Power (I/MP)
Carrier Hulls
CVETL8 ?31-451-1/2
CVLTL8 ?46-602
CVS (Strike Carrier)TL9 ?61-752-1/2
CVTL9 ?76-903
CVATL10 ?91-1204
CVH (Heavy Carrier)TL12 ?121-1505
Hull TypeTech LevelSizeEngine Power (I/MP)

As an FYI, it currently appears as if the CT and FG hull types are going to be IND-2, and that there will be an LEL drive for them to use.