Destiny: The Fate of the Ultima Galaxy - Introduction

DESTINY: The Ultima Galaxy Campaign - The story of its civilizations and their rise and fall.

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Destiny: The Fate of the Ultima Galaxy - Introduction

Postby Antares Admin on Sat 11 Sep 2021 14:26

HUB SYSTEM - At the start of the EMPIRE's END War

The Lorekeeper looked up from his slate, his acolytes arrayed around him, all seated before the viewscreen.

"I find it difficult to believe the hubris of the enemy."

He motioned with his hand, dismissing the slate, while his irises took in the majesty of the ships in the endless darkness before them. On the viewscreen, a massive battle fleet was assembled at the Highport, high above the homeworld. The flagship dreadnought GREAT ENDEAVOUR loomed out of the darkness.
"And now, the end begins. May the HOST ON HIGH be with us."

As they watched, the order was given and the fleet moved out for the MALVYLL REACH and destiny....

This is the start of a narrative log of the events of the ULTIMA GALAXY CAMPAIGN, a Solar Starfire Kriegspiel-style game featuring six players races and a host of interesting non-player empires. Some of the posts here will be in the form of log entries by diplomats, ship's captains, and observers. Others will be media reports and opinions by the authors of future histories.

I hope you'll enjoy.
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