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Introduction to the Democratic Solar Confederacy

PostPosted: Mon 28 Mar 2022 15:41
by PracticalM
Every day is a great day in the Democratic Solar Confederacy Navy.

Humanity has expanded out to all the original targeted by the slow generation ships launched centuries ago. Except now the worlds are linked by warps in space shortening travel times from years to months. After centuries of separation most colonies welcomed connection to Mother Terra. Most is not all. The few colonies that resisted had little chance as one world against the combine effort of dozens of worlds. The Democratic Solar Confederacy brought each colony into line and was properly managed to integrate fully into the larger society. And for those that did not peacefully join, the Navy was there.

Yet, once the lost colonies were all accounted for, what did the Confederacy need a navy for? Admirals ordered teams to look for evidence of other ships other colonies that would need to be found and invited to join the Democratic Solar Confederacy. The exploration fleets surveyed and resurveyed. The war ships kept watch for alien menaces that never appeared. Slowly the fleet grew smaller as politicians moved money to line their pockets and make life better for the people of the Democratic Solar Confederacy. Crews drilled and kept their ships at peak readiness. But less and less funds, mean fewer and fewer ships. And fewer and fewer Admirals.

The research teams found evidence of possible ship launches, but the leaders buried the evidence as the people did not wish to keep expanding but to instead bask in the glory of the galaxy. As the President knew, managing a growing population would be harder than keeping the current systems happy in their golden era of prosperity. The people wanted their great days.

Every day is a great day in the Democratic Solar Confederacy.