The Final Stand

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The Final Stand

Postby coldsteel on Sun 29 Jan 2012 17:04

First Centurion Carloto rubbed sleep from his three eyes, and glared at his plot. Two weeks had passed since the destruction of the two enemy scouts on this warp point leading back to Quillia. It had been a horrific six months since he received that damned courier drone. The drone was from Quillia Prime and announced the extermination of 95% of his people and a desperate set of orders. Orders to defend the only extra-solar colonies of Quillia in the Veii system, on the other side of Quillia. Orders making him the only Centurion of the only remaining ships in the Quillian Confederacy fleet. So, he led his little fleet back into Quillia, skirting around the system, receiving no replies to his hails to any colony moon. He successfully entered Veii undetected by the enemy, whoever they were. Veii, where three small colonies contained the remnants of his people.

At least the Governor of Veii had been able to prepare for his arrival. Construction yards on all three planets were hard at work churning out modified Drusus-class corvettes equipped with two laser emitters and not much else. Each ship took nearly three months to build, however, so he was happy with the additional plans to refit his survey explorers to small combat ships, basically an engine with a laser emitter attached. Within three months of his arrival, all 25 of his ships were modified, and new Trident-class explorers were coming out of the yards. Now, he had 10 Drusus and 30 Tridents within 75000 kilometers of the warp point. He hoped to go on the offensive, in 5-6 months, and reclaim their homeworld. In the meantime, survival was the only order of business. His thoughts were rudely interrupted by the sudden intrusion of 25 DD, 20 FG and 16 CvT. 3 DD, 6 FG and 8 CvT interpenetrated and killed themselves. Locking his suit’s helmet, First Centurion Carloto sent a prayer to his gods, then ordered his fleet to open fire.

The two fleets started trading laser fire at about 60000 KM from each other. Centurion Carloto ordered fire concentrated on the frigates and corvettes. Ships on both sides started dying with no end in sight. Previous intel had reported the destroyers had long-range missiles only, and were useless at point blank range. In fact, the Quillian fleet was inside their minimum range. So, it was a horrific shock when the destroyers opened up with sprint-mode missile fire, each one crippling or destroying outright a Trident EX, while the enemy frigates and corvettes polished off his corvettes. Reaching for his comm console to order ramming attacks, he was fatally interrupted by a missile strike that vaporized his command. It was over in 45 seconds. For the loss of 3 destroyers, 20 frigates and 8 corvettes, the Voracity fleet was in Veii. Securing the warp point, the assault force waited for the 40 light cruisers of the main fleet to enter then the fleet made course for the planets. 10 days later, the Quillian people died in a bath of nuclear fire, and opened more planets for the exploitation of the Hive.
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