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Re: Dawn of the Stars Campaign rules

Postby thebard on Fri 20 Oct 2017 16:15

WP Surveys
In "fleet orders" For each StMp of surveying, for your orders write "Survey" and location must be the "system number".
In "survey record" "sys§" is the system number that you used in "fleet orders"
Careful that you must manually check that you don't use more StMP than your fleet has capability; there is no check. Also you have to update "Total SP" by hand.

Planet. Surveys
In "fleet orders" for each StMP's orders you put survey (just like for WP), for "location" you put "system-name-+ planet name/identifiaction" followed by "survey type" (where survey type is one of the options for "survey record" in the "type" column)
In "survey Record" you put the system/planet ID in "body" and the survey type in "Type".

EG : "Fleet Orders" PlanetSurveyFleet StMP1: "Orders" Move to sys111 "Location" transit to sys111-Tplanet
StMP2 "Orders" Survey "Location" sys111 T
StMP3 "Orders" Survey "Location" sys111 T

has corresponding "Survey Record" "Body" sys111 "Type" T

Once again you have to check yourself the number of StMP available and carry over survey points manually.

Hope this helps
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