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Classic Starfire and the Bundle of Holding!

Postby Cralis on Mon 12 Aug 2019 22:41

The Starfire Design Studio has teamed up with the Bundle of Holding! For the next 3 weeks, the 3rd Edition Starfire Core Rules are available as part of this bundle.

The two "levels" in the bundle are:

DECLARATION COLLECTION (US$7.95 - retail value $48)
Mayday (GDW, $20)
Invaders From Dimension X! (Tiny Battle Publishing, $10)
Zombie War (Tiny Battle, $10)
Black Death (BTRC, $8)

ESCALATION COLLECTION (threshold starts at $17.95 - retail value $60)
Snapshot (GDW, $20)
Starfire 3E Core Rules Bundle (Starfire Design Studio, $20) [Revised Tactical Rulebook, Imperial Starfire, Sky Marshal #2]
Attack of the 50 Foot Colossi! (Tiny Battle, $10)
Space Vermin From Beyond! (Tiny Battle, $10)

Part of the proceeds from this bundle will go to a game-related charity. From the website:

A portion of the revenue from every Bundle of Holding offer
benefits a charity. This offer benefits The DOTS RPG Project ( ), a 501(c)3 nonprofit that makes roleplaying games accessible to visually impaired players and other people with disabilities. DOTS has created 3D-printable Braille polyedral dice and Fate dice models, transcribes rulebooks in Braille, and works with publishers to address screen-reader accessibility.

So take a look and pick up a bunch of games for a low price and help the DOTS RPG Project spread a little joy to other people.
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