deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 138

Fiction by Sylvester Wrzesinski

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deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 138

Postby Xveers on Mon 29 Jul 2019 00:58

King Armand's Day Chambers
Royal Compound, Bortal

King Armand looked up at the sky for a few lingering moments before stepping back inside from his private garden balcony. Modern technology had made a mockery of past structural impossibilities, and having an acre of private garden suspended the better part of kilometer up the side of his palace tower was probably the most ostentatious use of such technology. But then he always had preferred to be a bit showy. What was the point of being able to do something if you couldn't show you could?

"You won't be seeing them just with your eyes, your majesty."

The king snorted out a chuckle. "Oh I know, Shad. I'm not quite that foolish! But it is something of a tradition to watch our fleets as they sail over the horizon."

"Even if we know they probably won't be coming back?"

"More a certainty than a probably. A good thing we've assigned the older Canne IIIs then, isn't it?"

"If the fleet only had the older designs like the Canne IIIs I wouldn't be so concerned, but we've got several King Philips in there as well. The admiralty isn't going to be happy losing some of their newest battle cruisers."

Minister Shad followed along as King Armand began to walk from the centre of the garden and to the shaded portico. "And then we'll send the deWulf the bill to replace them." King Armand continued to talk as he walked further "The Admiralty will probably have a few improvements they'll want to make in any case."

King Armand walked to his buffet table and selected a few small sandwiches, tossing them into his mouth one at a time. Minister Shad could see that the eating stopped at his mouth, so to speak. The king's eyes remained unfocused, locked on some distant object to the other side of his garden portico. Four sandwiches in total disappeared, before Armand selected a drink mug and filled it with a dark, bitter fluid. The mood had cooled in the shade, and it was clear that the king's mind was continuing to work behind his unfocused gaze.

"Still thinking about Rheinbach's offer?" Minister Shad had been a part of that quiet discussion some weeks back, and while King Armand hadn't officially said anything, orders had been issued. Discussions had begun. Plans drawn up and alternatives reviewed. Minister Shad was no fool, and he had seen this pattern before. The king had never been one to rush to a decision, but once it was made it may as well be chiseled into the bedrock.

"Past time for thinking now. We've known that we'd be joining the pups-" King Armand used the semi-pejorative name for the Fenren that ran the Corporate Democracy "sooner or later, the real question was on what kind of terms. And it seems the political tides are slack right now, which is making the corporations nervous."

The king turned back from his buffet and walked back to the open portal out to the patio. "You're going to say that they're not the ones running the show. Please. We both know that the executive council are the ones making the decisions and guiding their elected assembly. And they're right to be concerned about their navy. Their Naval Intelligence department has some frightening wartime powers, and worse for the executives, those powers have been used before. With Article Seventeen in play, they seriously believe they just might have handed a armed warhead to someone not just knows how to use it, but has the ears to do it."

"So you WANT to get us involved in this?"

"Have you met Rollen?"

Minister Shad looked nonplussed at the change in course, shaking his head in the universal negative.

"Ah. It was just a few months before the attack on Soban. He was here as part of a planning conference with his command staff. It was a short meeting, but enough to get a feel for him." King Armand snorted, almost chuckling "unlike Reinbach, I understand how Rollen thinks, at least in part. He'll burn them all down in order to end this war, that I'm certain of. But he's not going to put himself in control as part of the deal. He's spent enough time dealing with the politicians to know just what kind of swamp he'd be sinking himself into, and it's not something he wants to be a part of."

"So why are you agreeing to this even though you think it's a defence against a paper threat?"

"Because Shad, Rheinbach is up to something. And whatever it is, his navy is either in the way or he's afraid they will be. If we're not on his side, he'll think we're on their side and act accordingly. Even if we try to be neutral he'll push us that way. But if we're on his side from the beginning, we have an inside track on whatever scheme he's building. And if things start looking bad for us, we quietly leave him high and dry. But if his side is in the ascendant, and he's right, well..."
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Re: deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 138

Postby Xveers on Sat 24 Aug 2019 21:36

deWulf Naval High Command, 90th Floor
SPM Rollen’s Office
Capital City of Lowell
Planet Fenris
deWulf Corporate Democracy

Emission spectra testing (cont)

Further sampling of fallout was done on site once Southgate District was secured. Particulate matter recovered showed expected emission spectra compatible with standard deWulf Fenren-portable squeeze fission devices (see Appendix R, Annex 2). In particular, decay rates and isotope counts are 98%.4 compatible with standard fallout emissions, when adjusted for time of initiation. Isotopic fractions of Protactinium and Actinium are specific indications of a deWulf-built warhead.

Testing and inspection of similar Elysian units has allowed a general "fingerprint" to be constructed to identify Elysian munitions. Later usage by EAF forces (Cleansing of Eisenmauer, see Appendix F) also provides real-world tracking of fallout components, especially due to similar initiation timeframes. It is worth noting that Elysian laser-pinch warheads in particular make use of a different isotopic mix for their primary, which subsequently leads to different fallout profiles. Significant challenges were encountered with managing fallout from multiple initiations, as repeated airbursts have left substantial environmental contamination across multiple sites and have resulted in a lower confidence interval with regard to timing. However, given certain physical underpinnings it is still conclusively possible to identify the device manufacturers.

Section X: Executive Summary

After a careful examination of all available resources, it is the conclusion of this report that the initial nuclear attack on the city of Finn's Massif was the result of a deWulf squeeze fission device that initiated in a cargo transport tunnel beneath Southgate.

Given the nature of the final evacuation of resources from the planetary downport, it is hard to reconstruct the exact chain of events, but after careful consideration, Scenario 4 is judged to be the most likely occurrence. Several cargo terminals had already fallen, and Elysian forces had access to several major junctions in the city's cargo transportation grid. It is most likely that a deWulf Army logistic train was intercepted, at which point the device was activated. Fragmentary data from the train management system suggests that multiple trains were running on manual and/or were being routed around damaged or tunnels suspected to be compromised, but this could not be confirmed.

The reader should understand that a completely satisfactory answer to this is likely impossible given the lack of resources and verifiable evidence. The selection of Scenario 4 is based on a "balance of probability", and no other scenario can be conclusively ruled out. Further evidence recovered in the future may eliminate some scenarios and suggest ones rejected from this report. In particular, the efficiency of the EAF forces in purging their own records and evidence means that their own deployments and orders are largely unknown; even accepted actions are best understood as provisionally accepted.

An Analysis of the Nuclear Attack on District of Southgate
Finn's Massif
deWulf Navy Intelligence - Analysis Division
Restricted Internal Distribution Only
Top Secret Peterson-12

SPM Rollen closed the document and sank back into his seat, an icy ball seeming to form in his stomach as he processed the report. One of the cornerstones of this entire war was the unprovoked genocidal attack of the Elysians on Finn's Massif, the first pebble in what became an orgy of bloodletting. And now, that cornerstone had turned into wet sand beneath him. Beneath everyone.

"Who knows about this?"

Erwin Donnal remained ramrod straight, having delivered the report as soon as it had been completed. "A few analysts have the whole picture. Most of the report, the supporting appendixes and the like, were built out of compartmentalized studies. Nobody outside of the final authors should be able to piece the whole thing together. In particular we made sure that the isotope analysis were split apart so that sampling and testing were handled by entirely different teams. Most of the analysis of Elysian weapons was handled by a few select third party research teams. They're already hip deep in Elysian technology, so this was just one more project." It was a rarely seen sign from Donnal. He only rambled when he was under severe stress, and it was clear that he had read the report in its entirety.

Rollen looked at the data chip slid into the port on his desktop. It stuck out, reminding him of a monolith as it cast its shadow across the bare top. Or a tombstone. "I want this buried. Buried deep, concreted over and with a parking tower on top of it. This..." he gestured to the data chip "This report does not exist."


"I don't know why you brought this empty chip to my attention, Erwin. Dispose of it. Bury it."

Donnal looked at him, eyes closing fractionally as he understood. "Of course, Sir. Not sure why I brought it to your attention in the first place. It will take a little bit to get this all cleaned up; don't want the rest of this wasted work just lying around."

Rollen leaned back into his chair some, eyes half-closed, no longer looking at Donnal. Or anything at all. Donnal leaned over, pulling the data chip free of its socket before drawing himself back upright, nodding once and then turning sharply to exit through the office doors behind him.

Rollen didn't see him depart.

deWulf Naval High Command
Sub-Basement 4, Archive room 13.

It didn't take Donnal long to clean the report from the Naval Intelligence branch. A quick order to one of the research managers was all that was required. Already, hard drives were being mirrored with the data in question left behind. By the turn of the watch the drives would have been replaced, the old drives being fed into a plasma incinerator. There was no way to recover anything from that kind of formatting.

But there was always going to be once copy of the final report, with all of the backup and appendixes and supporting material. Kept out of sight, out of mind, but not out of reach. The armoured hatch to archive room 13 opened after Donnal slid his access card into the reader. A blast of cold, stale air rolled over his face as he walked in, lights flickering on as he walked down the rows of secure cabinets. He stopped in front of drawer 8-6-2, keying in the random keycode for the hour. It slid open, empty save for a small incendiary pack built into the inside front of the drawer. Inside the drawer went the data chip, paper notes, and a few samples.

The drawer clicked closed, letting out a single beep that it was secure. Already the access code was scrambling, and in an hour nobody at all would be able to unlock it. The lights went out as Donnal left the archive room, and the hatch rolled back shut with a heavy thud.

Another secret left to die.
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Re: deWulf Corporate Democracy Turn 138

Postby Xveers on Sun 01 Sep 2019 23:44

*Catchy news jingle plays*
From the very depths of space to the lowest streets of Fenris, deWulf State News brings the facts of the galaxy to your desk!
*DSN News!*

Good Evening, I am Grant Eisen, filling in for Janeth DeVries tonight.

Our top story continues to be growing unrest in the Krak University States.

The Krak University States continue to grapple with a total funding freeze after revelations six months ago that the College of ExoClimatology was conducting unauthorized experiments on habitable biomes. When the college was suspended following the revelation of this news thanks to our associate network at KUNN, protests erupted within days across multiple campuses planet-wide. The protestors, citing the traditional Freedom of Research, have stated that this interference with internal research projects is a violation of the State Charter and quote "the first step towards the demolition of freedom of thought and science" unquote.

Protests have since morphed into a general accusation of financial impropriety, nepotism, and corruption in the ruling Collegal Forums, and have resulted in near society-wide shut downs as local directors and leaders struggle to manage the situation. Already, several peripheral colonies such as Arcadia Decima and The Lambda Belt have begun to distance themselves from the managing Principals in an effort to stem the tide of unrest. Fortunately, basic civic support organizations have committed to remaining at their posts for the duration of this crisis, and the Department of Public Facilities and Department of External Logistics have both declared their neutrality in the face of rising uncertainty. At present trade continues to flow in and out of the University States, but how long this situation remains is anyone's guess.

In related news, Deepspace IG's stock has increased by 2% over the past month. In a press release earlier this week they cited steady growth in their Secure Shipping Service, driven by continuing instability...
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