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Re: How do you remember which ships turned?

PostPosted: Sat 16 Nov 2019 14:20
by Cralis
voidstalker[woe] wrote:
Cralis wrote:*laugh* You used “make things up” and chess in the same context. That’s a great way to lose every game of chess..
I should have you play my friend in a 100 gme tourney over the remainder of this calendar year. If you beat him more than 35 times out of the 100 games, then you advance on to the main event...ME. :D

I haven't played chess in about 30 years, I don't know anyone who will play it. I suppose I could play chess against the computer or online, but then I wouldn't be working on Starfire. It's just fallen out of favor so long I never returned to it. Now that I'm thinking about it, that's kind of depressing.

However, I've known some really superior players. I knew a guy who was in the merchant marine back in the '70s and he had a Russian crewmate who taught him how to play. The Russian started with a King, a Pawn, and a Knight and would add an additional piece of my friend beat him 5 times in a row. He said it took him more than a year to get to a point where he could play with all the pieces.

But... back to turn mode and turning. Many many decades ago when I played both Starfire and SFB at the same time, it did cause problems. But I haven't played SFB In decades and it hasn't been a problem since.