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Annoucements reminder

Postby Cralis on Sat 18 Jul 2009 03:21

Hey everyone, just a reminder that you should keep checking the SDS section's announcements forum. Whenever I make changes or have something interesting for the community we make those announcements there. Only super-important announcements like downtimes will be made global and appear on every forum!

Also, there are already two sub-forums for Starfire fiction, and several more coming soon. Take a look! If you look in the SDS announcements you'll see that we have an open invitation to ALL players of ALL editions to have a sub-forum for your own fiction/campaign stories, whether already completed and you want to make sure the fiction has a home in the community, or if you are still writing it and have more to come. It is all welcome past, present, and future.

So keep an eye out on the announcements. More will be posted a couple times a week as things are added, changed, etc.
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