Hokum Imperium Ranks

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Hokum Imperium Ranks

Postby Zume on Mon 15 Oct 2012 18:05

Hokum Imperium Space Navy Ranks
Ensign - Ensign
2nd and 1st Trident - Lt jg/sg
Senior Trident - Lt Commander
Commander - Commander
Captain - Captain
Admiral - Commodore/Rear Admiral
Segment Admiral - Vice Admiral
Lord Admiral - Admiral
High Admiral - Fleet Admiral
Imperator of the Navy - Admiral of the Navy

Hokum Imperium Space Army/Imperium Marine Service Ranks
Vara 2nd and 1st Class - Private and Corporal
Sergeant 3rd, 2nd, 1st Class - Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant 1st Class
Master Sergeant - Master Sergeant
Padrion - First Sergeant
Granadero - Sergeant Major
Red Granadero - Command Seargeant Major

Piton - 2nd Lieutenant
Picador - 1st Lieutenant
Senior Picador - Captain
Novillero - Major
Torero - Lt. Colonel
Matador - Colonel
Red Matador - Brigadier General
Field General - Major General
Region General - Lt. General
Grand General - General
Imperator of the Army - General of the Army
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