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AFC Stiletto Escort Shuttle

Postby Zume on Thu 18 Dec 2014 16:04

Axis Fleet Command Stiletto Escort Shuttle http:// Artwork by Adam Kop Base on work done by Jeffrey Agussoekamo

Born out of the shock of encountering Commonwealth armed pinnaces the AFC developed their own armed pinnace as well as another class of armed small craft. While not able to make warp transits and lacking an internal gun the resulting Stiletto escort shuttle had additional virtues. For one they could be carried in greater numbers on small craft tenders, had a higher top speed, and were equipped with a point defense mount better able to deal with fighters. Also they could perform boarding actions on immobile enemy ships and bases and provide support for ground troops.

Above is a Stiletto armed with its typical loadout of a fighter laser pack and close attack missile on its weapon pylons. This example is from the second production batch as defined by its modified 'cockpit.' Sensor panels, not windows, are mounted on the framework. The actual cockpit is underneath as the flight crew uses large monitors to see their external environment for shuttle bay handling. Side windows are provided for troops so as to allow them to survey the outside environment in lieu of electronic imaging.

A quad-barrel point defense laser is on top with launch tubes for point defense (or ground support ordnance) missiles on either side of the hull. Three extendable pads serve as the landing gear. Also on the underside is the extendable breaching/boarding tube to allow for boarding ships and bases.

Unique to them, the AFC was the only user of the escort shuttle. While swarms of Stilettos in company of waves of suicide fighter attacks late in the war were impressive enough, for the Commonwealth their response was simply to add more fighter carriers. With the investment in constructing the Stilettos as well as their various basing facilities it was determined that dozens of more useful fleet carriers could've been built instead. That would've been more sensible had more perceptive minds been at work for the AFC, but the Commonwealth was glad that they produced this weapon that became to be know as the 'Ace Maker' instead of more carriers that would've been much more of a problem.

Axis Small Craft Designation Nomenclature
S1F1 - Fleet Shuttle
S2C1 - Cargo Shuttle
S3A1 - Assault Shuttle
S4E1 - Escort Shuttle

C1U1 - Utility Cutter
C2C1 - Cargo Cutter

P1F1 - Fleet Pinnace
P2C1- Cargo Pinnace
P3L1 - Liner Pinnace
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