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Re-Launched Classic Starfire History Sub-Forum

Postby Cralis on Mon 28 Mar 2011 00:27

I wanted to let everyone know that we have re-launched the CLASSIC STARFIRE History sub-forum and renamed it the "Official" Classic Starfire History sub-forum to accommodate discussions, questions, and conversations about STARFIRE novels and the CLASSIC STARFIRE History.

What is the CLASSIC STARFIRE History? If you are new to STARFIRE this is a GREAT question!

The 3rd edition of STARFIRE was written in part by David Weber to support the novels he and Steve White wrote in the STARFIRE universe:
  • Crusade
  • In Death Ground
  • The Shiva Option
  • Insurrection

In addition, Steve White and Shirley Meier wrote Exodus to tell the story of the Arduan invasion, and now Steve White returns with Dr. Charles Gannon to tell the second-half of the story in Extremis.

In addition to these novels, the Legacy STARFIRE Supplements of the same name and including Stars at War all tell the official history of the CLASSIC STARFIRE universe.

We've opened up this section so that any registered member can ask questions or start topics about the official history. And we are working on getting more information like the Q&A with Steve White and Dr. Gannon.
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