The Children of Deffaeriel (01)

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The Children of Deffaeriel (01)

Postby krenshala on Tue 19 Oct 2021 21:29

The Children of Deffaeriel are a young race. Not to long in the past they nearly succeeded in wiping out their own existence, leaving a unified world government, but a relatively small number of survivors from the war that required. The Imperial Theocracy that now controls the world known to its natives as Vork, listening to its scientists, embarked on a massive program of industrialization. At some point, once advancement seemed inevitable, a new calendar was initiated and used for all further historical documentation.

Over the course of a number of years, the Deffaeriels finally succeeded in the industrialization they had aimed for, and even reached beyond it, to a space drive that would allow them relatively easy access to their own moon, and the resources it contains that they desperately required. None of this was cheap, of course, so at first, their steps outward were short and hesitant. But over the years those steps slowly grew.


Fast forward to Y10 M1 on the new calendar, and half a dozen Plilyi class explorers have just begun surveying the bodies orbiting the other star in their home system.

"Coortay Honfassat to Group Leader. Our scans of the debris making up the belt are starting to show signs of extensive resource extraction activities. My technicians are insisting that the activity appears to have ceased no more than 240 cycles ago.* No sign of equipment, wreckage, or structures have been found at this time."

Yarith Narti sighed as he listened to the report being received from the newest member of his command, the Plilyi hull number 6.

"Yarith Narti to Plilyi 6. Report your findings to HQ per orders. We will send a follow up to resurvey and confirm once all the bodies of this component have been surveyed. Plilyi 1 out!"

Turning to his own crewman at the sensor console, he asked, "Tech, how long until we get that ball of mud below us surveyed? If the report from 6 just now is accurate, we're probably going to need to know this place like the back of our hand so HQ can properly defend the place."

The tech, still young based on the lighter than average color of most of his fur, looked over a few readouts for the scanning of the super terrestrial world beneath them before replying. "At the rate were are going, I expect we should have the full biological survey completed in approximately 40 days, Yarith. The shuttles are helping significantly, otherwise it would probably be closer to 60 days."

Narti scratched at the dark fur behind his left ear in irritation. Damnit! We need more ships! But HQ is going to want to divert any available funds for new Vuletay hulls instead of more survey units. And I can't blame them since we've only got the one so far. Well, that and the damn slow ass Larketta.

Looking around the bridge, he sighed loudly again, frustrated to know that the six units he had now were probably all he was going to get until the "fleet" reached a size that had a reasonable chance at defending the system. He then snorted to himself. Unless, of course, whoever - or whatever - they are arrive in a force large enough that we can't afford to defend against them


LARKETTA Class DD (AC) 30 HS TS 36
[4] S0×2A0×4H(Ja)(Ja)(Ja)QaKa+Ya(Ja)(Ja)(Ja)QaKa+ [6/2]
18 HTK SL 1 Cost: 310.4 Maint: 46.6 MCr
S×2, A×4, Ka+×2, Ya
Demonstration non-fast hull unit.

VULETAY Class FGf (AC) 22 HS TS 27
[4] S0×2A0×2Ja(Ja)(Ja)(Qa×2)H×2Ya(Ja)(Ja)(Ja)Ka+ [8/2.6]
16 HTK SL 1 Cost: 285.3 Maint: 42.8 MCr
S×2, A×2, Ya, Ka+
Main battle unit. Also used for exploration escorts (once enough of them have been built).

PLILYI Class EX (AC) 7 HS TS 5
[2] XaHH(Bba)Qa(Ica) [4/4]
6 HTK SL 1 Cost: 81.7 Maint: 12.3 MCr
Xa, (Bba) + st
Exploration and survey unit.


* The Deffaeriel have a mere five month year, so the belt resource extraction ceased no more than 100 years before, per the technicians.
-- krenshala
None survive the harvest!

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