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Please allow me to introduce ourselves

PostPosted: Thu 17 Jun 2010 19:15
by MrLemurBoy
Hi everyone. Thanks for checking this place out. My friend Jeff has written an awesome piece of Starfire fan fiction (big fan of the game), and was telling me that he wants to let everyone read it. However, he's also suffering from flaky internet connections and some general disinclination to learn much more about computers than how to write and email with them.

So he asked me if I could work my geeky magic and post it so you guys could enjoy it, and since I share a mindset with him that cool stories like this ought to be shared, I said "Heck yes!"

So here we are, his "Terran Empire Saga". It's quite large, and he's still polishing it up, so I'll be posting a link to the next chapter of it every couple weeks. Hope you enjoy it!

Re: Please allow me to introduce ourselves

PostPosted: Thu 24 Jun 2010 09:22
by Terran Author
OK, since Mr. Lemur Boy introduced me for myself, let me say that, no, IO'm not afraid of computers as he implies. Rather, up until recently, I worked in education, and he worked doing web design, so when I decided to introduce my fiction to the world via the net, the partnership seemed natural. In other words, I write, he does the hard part (Or so I say... he disagrees...)

That being said, if you want to know my background in Starfire, take a look at my wesbite - My journal for 6/22 recounts how and when I got into the game, and the timeline linked to in this section gives a modified - for - fiction backgrouind of the campaign.

The campaign was a 3E / SM2r campaign, with the war kicking off at HT-8. THere were five player races, as well as a major NPR (I created the Ru'tak at HT-2 or 3, IIRC.... and they lived all that time) We made up to around HT-10 by the end of the campaign, which came happaned becuase two of the players moved out of state, and the eviol Brit'laa had beem "El doradoed."

I hope you guys enjoy the story. I have 9 + chapters done, and I plan on realeasing one chapter every other week, finshing with around 12-15 chapters. Enjoy!


Re: Please allow me to introduce ourselves

PostPosted: Thu 24 Jun 2010 12:34
by krenshala
We are looking forward to it. ;)