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Terran Empire Saga - Prologue

PostPosted: Wed 30 Jun 2010 23:12
by MrLemurBoy
The Prologue to the Terran Empire Saga has been posted.

We hope you like it! ... =15&id=116

Re: Terran Empire Saga - Prologue

PostPosted: Wed 30 Jun 2010 23:30
by Terran Author
FYI, folks, here is the "fact" behind the fiction.

The Battle of Tzvistenhagen was a huge battle - the largest any of us had fought to date. My friend Peter and I figured that the thirty carriers (and an accompanying hoarde of escorting BC's and smaller units) would be more than large enough to handle anything the Brit'laa threw at us.

We were wrong.

While we had more escorts, he had many, many more fighters. In fact, he gambled that he'd have superior numbers, and sent most of his active carrier force into the system. As a result, when out fleets met, he had crushing fighter superiority. We should have sacrficed the BC's et al to take a bunch of his ships out; as it was, we figured we would attrit him down. Since this was the first time any of us had played with fighters beyond a pick up game or the occasional historical scenario, we had no idea that the fighter is so truly dominate at HT-8.

In other words, the outcome was worse than the fiction. Our entire fleet died in exchange for most of his fighter strength - something like 800 Brit'laa fighers died. After that, he bombed out both max population planets and then pulled out. After all, he was three jumps from his own border, and Nimitz was a major terran fleet base (adjacent to Tzvistenhagen), as well as being two or three jumps from the Lemming home fleet.

But, as the story says, the damage was done. And a player who found himself at war with the other four player races bad taken two of those opponents out of the fight for at least six turns - longer, in fact. In truth, IIRC, I didn't modify the dates after this point - we were out of the war for a long time. Only the fact that the other to players launched a blitkrieg saved us from defeat.

That being said - I hope you enjoy the story!

Terran Author

Re: Terran Empire Saga - Prologue

PostPosted: Thu 01 Jul 2010 01:00
by Cralis
What version of STARFIRE are you using?

Re: Terran Empire Saga - Prologue

PostPosted: Thu 01 Jul 2010 08:57
by Terran Author
Cralis wrote:What version of STARFIRE are you using?

This was an old 3E / Sm2r campaign that played out ten years ago. All monitors in the story are actually ML (165 HS), all SD's 130.