Terran Empire Saga - Chapter 4

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Terran Empire Saga - Chapter 4

Postby MrLemurBoy on Wed 25 Aug 2010 17:11

Last time we had a massacre.

This time, it just gets bloody.

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Re: Terran Empire Saga - Chapter 4

Postby Terran Author on Wed 25 Aug 2010 21:10

Yep, Mr.Lemur Boy is right. This time it does get bloody. Heh.

Let me be very clear: The Ru'tak are _Evil._ They're villians to the core. What started off as a running joke (that the Ru'tak eat Lemmings) between myself as the Lemming player made perfect fodder for when I turned the Lemmings into the main villians of the first part on my min-novel. And viola! a truly great villian race was born. :twisted:

Well, my influences on this chapter are pretty obvious, for the most part. Starship Troopers. David Weber's Arachnids. The Babylon Five episode "Gropos." And the movie "Gladiator. (Hey, it had just came out!)

Beyond that, though, are the less obvious ones. I'm a history major, and I've always liked the British nomenclature for army units. General Smith is named after O.P. Smith, CO of the First Marine Division during the Korean war.

I will also say that this chapter owes a huge debt to my friend James, who introduced me to Starfire back in the day, and is a career US army office now. His comments on the tech and com protocals made the chapter much more realistic, and I'll never forget his comment: "Dude, it's a good chapter, but...."

"But what?" I replied.

"Well, it reads like something straight outta Roarke's Drift." (Bonus points if you know what he's talking about! ;) )

I did a double take at that. Yeah, it kinda does. But it's space opera, right? I've always thought they're wouldn't be much ground combat in a Starfire type universe. As the Byzanchor player put it, "He who controls the high orbitals controls the planet."

Then James pointed out the error of my ways. But you'll have to wait a few chapters to see the results of his tutalege....
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