Terran Empire Saga - Chapter 12

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Terran Empire Saga - Chapter 12

Postby MrLemurBoy on Fri 24 Dec 2010 00:11

Merry Christmas all! Here's a new chapter just in time for the holidays. Consider it a little gift :)

Not as much action as some previous chapters... but hey, you need to understand your enemy before you can successfuly move against them, right?

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Re: Terran Empire Saga - Chapter 12

Postby Terran Author on Tue 28 Dec 2010 14:03

Hey all

I struggled about how to make this chapter interesting. The exposistion is necessary, but I'm a firm beliver in the principle that too much dialouge kills a story.

That being said, the background is very interesting - and necessary.

The Brit'laa empire looks something like a giant cross - 4 warp points out of the home system. Two spokes are very long - the chains leading to the Sesla system, and the Rust system, as described in the story. The third spoke dead ends at one system, and the fourth actually leads to the Ru'tak throgh a closed warp point.

Beyond that, the empire is as described in the story. As my friend told me, he had many, many "worthless systems", with a very few key systems, most of which were in the chain between Sesla and his homeworld.

The interesting thing is that he found a closed warp point which led from one end of the long chain to the other, via (obviously enough) closed warp points. This allowed him to cut off the main Jo'pak fleet at one point, and kill it. I vividly remember the poor Jo'pak trying to cut his way through a hoard of Pg armed corvettes that had appeard between all the Jo'pak monitors and their entry point into the "conquest chain," as well as a massive carrier battle between the Brit'laa and the Byzanchor further up the chain. It was messy, and it bought him a lot of time. And it worked - all becuase he could keep two nodal fleets and re-deploy them as needed becuase of the closed WP shortcut.

Well, I hope to post the next chapter after the holidays, so stay tuned.
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