ESA Spacecraft magnetic valve used to fill drinks

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ESA Spacecraft magnetic valve used to fill drinks

Postby southwestforests on Thu 29 Apr 2021 22:34

Aha! I KNEW spaceflight would eventually lead to something which had actual real-world real-life usefulness!
A precision magnetic valve originally designed to help steer a lander down to a comet has found a surprise terrestrial use through ESA’s Technology Transfer and Patent Office: adding flavours to beverages within a few thousandths of a second per each can or bottle.
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Re: ESA Spacecraft magnetic valve used to fill drinks

Postby aramis on Mon 13 Jun 2022 17:27

Are you saying CorningWare cookware doesn't?
Or a half-dozen drugs funded for use on astronauts... most importantly the ones for osteoporosis...
Or the dozens of improvements to aircraft design stemming from the Aeronautics side of NASA?

Much of space tech is portable to other fields
NASA used to publish an annual listing all the new tech adopted by industry outside the space side... now it's just a website:
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