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Thanks to Mom & Dad, a new computer!

PostPosted: Mon 31 Oct 2016 06:54
by southwestforests
Hey Y'all;
Thanks to Mom & Dad, a new computer! My 8 year old 64 bit Vista box of bits and bytes finally died of old age around middle of month and with disability income being what it is with my overall health what it is a new one wasn't going to be funded by my checkbook.

A number of things, Flash player, (necessary for viewing things like motion on the NWS radar page) Google Chrome, had stopped supporting Vista and even my ISP will in the near future.
Now having the joyful educational experience of learning Windows 10.

(From some things heard/seen about Windows 10 I'm not sure its very name doesn't violate Rule 1, "Forum rules
1. Nothing obscene.")

Went out to catch Union Pacific's steam locomotive 844 stop in town then came home to find computer dead. :(
I knew it had been negotiating with the grim reaper for a while, guess it finally eloped with him while I was away.

And in what might seem curious to most people, it was a bit of a nice vacation to not have one in the house for a couple weeks as I seem to be sensitive to electronic fields.
Which is one element of why there is no TV set in my house.
And especially nice in conjunction with having "let's open all the doors and windows" weather the last half of October here in the midwest!

Had saved absolutely necessary things last month - especially the Firefox bookmarks!!! Thank the lord for 64gig USB drives! :D Only traumatic loss is 7 years worth of work in Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006/2009. It is not compatible with newer OS. Or even newer versions of itself.

Parents came to visit, literally a 100 mile trip, and took me shopping. Which was a welcome thing since Dad is more up on computer tech than I am. Yep, I'm the one who would call my old grey Dad to come set my VCR!
Which I don't have since I don't watch TV or movies. But I'm still interested in how the new Star Trek works out.

So, anyway, have had this box since Thursday. Got Firefox and Chrome in to it. Got Open Office in it for tinkering with my very slowly being transcribed from yellowing loose leaf to funky-hued electrons sci-fi story. Got Sketchup in it for tinkering with designs for above. (except all the really curvy ones of the main characters, that work feels overwhelming) Got GIMP in it. Still need Open Rocket. Oh, for the first time ever got iTunes. My several years now ex had done the job of getting it in my old box.

Guess one could say that in the end I'm a happy camper!

Re: Thanks to Mom & Dad, a new computer!

PostPosted: Mon 31 Oct 2016 10:36
by Cralis
It's good to see you back! You had mentioned before having occasional issues, so hopefully no more problems!

Re: Thanks to Mom & Dad, a new computer!

PostPosted: Mon 31 Oct 2016 18:52
by southwestforests
Thanks! Yep, now the cause of a problem is probably me instead of the machine :lol: