Book: Death Rays and the Popular Media, 1876-1939

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Book: Death Rays and the Popular Media, 1876-1939

Postby southwestforests on Sat 17 Mar 2018 13:21

Arrived in mail yesterday.
Published 2015.

It would seem that fellow quoted has not played Starfire!
If he had, he would most certainly be of a different mind regarding those things.
"Its author, Park Benjamin, was a scientist who had served as editor of Scientific Americanfrom 1872-1878. In "A Network of Deadly Forces" he commented: "It is necessary to understand that we can not make artificial thunderbolts, that we can not shake ships to pieces by induced vibrations in the cosmic ether, and that we can not send disintegrating currents to them or even drag them upon rocks or shoals by the attraction of powerful electro-magnets"

page 24.

Have skimmed through it, will take a bit to get it read. Some significant bits of content are Chapter Notes on pages 221-253; Bibliography pages 255-264, includes print, film, radio; Index page 265-274
Looking through text it is deeper than typical reading material for use in merely passing time.

There is one negative I have to say about the book and it has zero involvement with the content -- eewww gross, it has that rubbery feeling coating on the paperback cover!!! Whose Einsteinian stroke of book manufacturing genius was that???
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