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ULTRA Mini-Contest #3: Apr 3 to Apr 17 [Closed]

PostPosted: Mon 04 Apr 2011 22:02
by Cralis
Welcome to the third ULTRA Mini-Contest!

This mini contest is: BEST NEW ALIEN ARTIFACT

The wreckage of ancient alien civilizations should be scattered all through-out the galaxy. Yet ULTRA has only a handful of potential alien technologies listed. This contest is to see who can build an idea for an alien artifact, complete with potential backstory, that can be used to expand the App.HH selection of ancient artifacts.

1. Any type of ancient alien device, technology, or "artifact" is admissible.
2. We will accept any idea from any source as long as the back story and rules are not the same as the original publication. We won't take copies, but we will accept imitations.
3. Each entry must have a name, description, any rules needed, and a back story about the artifact and how it came to be.
4. Any entry that is clearly plagiarized or very unique to a published story (not in our fiction section) cannot be accepted due to copyright issues. Just don't copy-paste or use background story from another publication and you'll be fine.

This contest will probably net a bunch of artifacts to fill in the table, so putting in numerous ideas will probably get you a bunch of points in this contest. Good luck!

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PostPosted: Sun 10 Apr 2011 15:11
by Club
Personality digitizer

(Re-roll this result if not using the optional leader death rules)

This device can read a person's memory and personality, creating a sentient computer program in their likeness. This is a sort of immortality, but comes at a price; the original is invariably killed horrifically, and the digital copy ceases to grow.

If a leader dies due to leader death rules while this device is in the system, that leader is reduced to half (FRD) their previous grade and is no longer eligible for advancement, but also does not die, and no longer need to check for death. They keep any abilities they had, but do not gain more.

On turns ending with 00 (Once every 100 turns) there is a 1% chance that a planet under a digitized governor will go J'rill. (This is how the original J'rill originated, more or less) This may be ignored by player agreement or spacemaster fiat.

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PostPosted: Mon 11 Apr 2011 00:47
by PracticalM
WP Sensor

This is a ship system. It's 20 Hull Spaces big and when mounted on a ship adjacent to any Y or Yc system, it allows the ship to use that sensor to look through the WP at the sensor rating -8 (use the same rules as for CLOAK). Data resolution cannot get better than Q detection. (No T or S detection allowed, and no data for Combat, Short or Scan ranges)

This system by tying into a high level ship's sensor can interpret gravitational data to detect size and quantity of ships on the other side of a WP.

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PostPosted: Mon 11 Apr 2011 01:13
by PracticalM
Xenomorph Eggs

Found on any habitable planetary body, this item appears to be a unique resource sample when first discovered. When brought to a RDS to study, they hatch and start destruction. Roll 1d10 x 10 to indicate the amount of PTU killed by the Xenomorphs until they are brought under control. Once brought under control, an empire can attempt to smuggle them into any empire they have limited trade with (or are able to drop on to a planet from a starship/small craft).

Dish of the Day Eggs

Found on any habitable planetary body, this item appears to be a unique resource sample. If taken to an RDS, after 1d10 turns, they hatch. The contents are found to be an extremely tasty food source. Treat as Tourist Trap for this planet. Also for future trade agreements treat as Unique Resource.

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PostPosted: Wed 13 Apr 2011 16:13
by Club
System FTL Network

This star system has a network of FTL communicators buried under the surface of every planet and planetoid even remotely habitable. Communications without light-speed lags allows for effective system governance. While it's range isn't interstellar, any population in the system may share the governor bonus of any other population in the system. Only the bonus of the highest rated governor applies; other governors are wasted, and should probably be moved.

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PostPosted: Mon 18 Apr 2011 00:07
by Xveers
Salvaged Berserker Munitions Factory
This component takes up 25 HS, and needs life support like any normal system. It mimics one function of a berserker's control module; producing ammunition. It can produce any kind of ammunition for free at the rate of 10 (ten) rounds per hour. In order to produce a type of ammunition, it must first be supplied with a sample (in game terms, the owner must know how to build the round before the ammo factory can make it). The ammunition rounds are perfectly normal, and the module requires no additional maintenance. Ammunition is moved from the factory to available Mg's, and then to launchers in that order. The ammunition can be transferred to other ships as per normal rules. Before it can be used, it must be shipped back to a RDS and studied for one month (free of charge). Moving the system takes 25 continuous H on a single freighter.

Back story:
That berserkers exist is a given. Their handiwork mars a thousand uninhabited worlds. Races that have fought them speak of their power, their cunning, and their single-mindedness at purging any biological life they find. Chance exploration has discovered an ancient disabled berserker ship. While most of the hull is decayed and wrecked beyond recognition, parts of the control system are salvageable. With some examination and study your scientists discover that the ammunition factory is recoverable. The module that built small craft is destroyed beyond recognition, but with some work they think they can restore the munitions assembly line and put it back to work.

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PostPosted: Mon 18 Apr 2011 00:53
by Xveers
Salvaged Ancient IFF
This is a free software upgrade, and supersedes HH1.04.5. Instead of having a 5% chance of being identified as a returning civilization, you have a 50% chance. Additionally, should you be identified as the returning civilization, no other race can be identified as such by that specific group of remnant units. Additionally, you are able to identify friendly ships at medium sensor range instead of

This artifact is discovered by the first race to complete a warp point survey within the system. One month after discovery this is retrofitted to all ships in the empire.

While surveying for warp points, your survey ship runs across an ancient derelict ship. Most of the ship is complete junk, but the IFF system was still intact. At a glance, it offers no major technological improvements, but hooking a portable power unit to it reveals it can be detected and interrogated at considerably longer ranges. Even more fortunately, the design appears to offer no major secrets and should be a quick refit to your fleet's basic systems.

Forgot to note, the other one I submitted should have mentioned HOW it's found. Supposed to be discovered at the end of the first warp point survey in the system.

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PostPosted: Mon 18 Apr 2011 18:58
by Cralis
CONTEST CLOSED! Due to the larger number of entries, we'll probably argue about them all night! :roll:

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #3: Apr 3 to Apr 17 [Closed]

PostPosted: Thu 21 Apr 2011 21:42
by Cralis
It was tough, and the voting was close, but the results for mini-contest #3 are in!

First place: #5 Berserker Munitions Factory by Xveers! (8 tickets)

Runner Up: #1 Personal Digitizer by Club tied with #4 FTL Network by Club (4 tickets each)
Editorial note: #4 would probably have won, but it didn't include a back story! Bummer!

Honorable Mentions:
#2 WP Sensor by PracticalM (we will use this, so 4 tickets)
#6 Salvaged Ancient IFF by Xveers (we will also use this, so 4 tickets)

PracticalM gets 1 ticket for an out of category submission.

You can see the running totals for the mini-contests at viewtopic.php?f=52&t=1031#p9038

Congratulations Xveers!

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PostPosted: Thu 21 Apr 2011 23:18
by Club
Here's your backstory.

It appears that the race that used to inhabit this system was so addicted to trashy tabloids, gossip and reality television that they constructed an insanely complex and expensive FTL communications network throughout their system so everyone could follow the latest social pablum in real-time. Evidence is that shortly after it was completed, most of the society was hit by hypnotic advertizing and forgot to eat for an extended period, leading to their extinction. Fortunately, your race is not so vulnerable and has a practical use for the basically intact system as soon as power is restored.