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ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th [Closed]

PostPosted: Tue 24 May 2011 01:10
by Cralis
Greetings everyone, welcome to contest #9 of the ULTRA mini-contest series. This contest will run from May 22nd to June 5th.


Ground facilities eh? This covers any kind of planet-side enhancement. Whether that is a scientific facility, economic facility, racially-specific facility, or whatever; the implication is that perhaps we aren't taking full advantage of this type of tech with only 4 types of ground facilities! What do you think?

1. Submission must contain any rules required for the facility, and tie it into a tech tree (if necessary) or an EL requirement.
2. Each submission must be in a separate post.

NOTE: We expect to see some variety in this topic, so we've left it wide open with few rules. Tell us what you think can be done to improve this area of the game!

Good luck!

If we need to make clarifications we will update this post.

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th

PostPosted: Tue 24 May 2011 02:16
by Elminster
Evacuation Center
50 MC (or 100 MC?)
10 HS

You need 1 EC for 50 PTU (FRU) modified by PU/PTU conversion factor, so that for a 400 PU Small population you need (400-180) * 2 + 180 = 620 / 50 = 12.4 (FRU) = 13 EC.
A 2001 PU Very Large population you need 76320 / 50 = 1,526.4 (FRU) = 1,527 EC (yes, not easy or cheap to evacuate Earth).
Size of Asteroid Belts and HGT are regarded like a population size based on their PU. For example: HGT with 400 PU is the same as the Small population. This represents the wide spread nature of these populations.

The Evacuation Center has all necessary personnel and equipment to shorten the evacuation time to 25%.
It also has special short range (orbit in fact) Evacuation Shuttles which are able to quickly dock with Qv-Ships in orbit to load them with the evacuees (no time saved, but no need for shuttles on the Qv-Ships).

Only question left is how much base time an evacuation will take.

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th

PostPosted: Tue 24 May 2011 23:56
by procyon
Mini Contest #9 Entries

This one I believe is long overdue. The ability of my players or the NPRs to simply go from no ground forces to 2000 Qv in one month that perform at the same base grade as the player fails the giggle test for us miserably. Raise and disband at your whim. Makes no difference to the game.

Well, no longer. Here comes the.....


It would require altering the rules in at least these locations.

M7.04 QTF Troop Training Facilities

A QTF costs 400MC to build, requires 40HS of construction capability, and 10PTU in population to build. This facility contains all the necessary equipment and supplies to train Qt for combat and takes 10 hits to destroy.
Training Facilities are restricted as RDS per (N4.03)

(Change text in line above table N4.03)
All RDS rules (limit, build, etc) also apply to Pilot training facilities (F3.09.1) and Ground troop training facilities (F3.10).

F3.10 Ground Troop Training Facilities

To create trained (regular) ground troops, Troop training facilities (F3.10.1) are used.

F3.10.1 Troop Training Facility (QTF). An empire employing ground troops usually will maintain a Troop Training Facility. See (M7.03) to build them. A QTF can create 40 Qt of standard (BG) troops per month.
A QTF may train up to 200 Qt as if the training facility was a BG+2 General. Ground troops may also be trained by a general per (F3.10.4.1). An empire can create untrained Conscripts (BG-2) in any month on any habitable world, with a maximum number of conscript Qt equal to the PU of the world for the same cost as normal Qt created by a QTF (1MC per Qt). Conscripts (any Qt of BG-1 or worse) may only be employed on worlds that are considered habitable, and may not be airdropped by ast. Conscripts forced to be placed on a non habitable body have no combat value and are considered disbanded (if at least 1 imperial or partner PTU is present on the body) or destroyed. Conscripts may be trained as any other form of Qt. Any Qt reaching (BG) will be considered to have become standard ground troops. Only standard troops may be converted to SEC per (V5.01.1).
Troop Training Facilities are limited exactly as RDS (N4.03).

F3.10.2 Imperial Armies. Ground Troops are created/trained at QTF and must be shipped in Qv (usually per the CFN) at the rate of one Qt per Qv. Qt may also be assigned to dropships or PDCs with Qv, or placed on any habitable world or with any imperial population. Dropships are any imperial ship with Qv not leased to the CFN. Qt placed on dropships, in PDCs, or with any imperial population will maintain grade indefinitely, but may not be trained without a general or QTF except as provided by F3.10.4.1. Qt placed on CFN FTs will lose one grade per month after the first three, with a minimum grade of (BG-2). This loss occurs at the end of the month. Any troops reduced to BG-1 will be considered conscripts with all limitation there of per (F3.10.1).

F3.10.3 Averaging grade for invasion. All troops involved in combat will have their grade averaged for use in assault or consolidation phases. Qt will be assigned a point value based on the crew grade value table in F3.09.5. The effective grade for invasion will be determined by adding the Qt times its grade value of the entire army together, and then dividing by the total number of Qt (FRD). The effective grade of the army will be the grade given on the crew grade value table equal to the number determined. Losses from combat due to (V4.08.2), (V4.09.2), or bombardment are taken from the lowest grade troops first.

F3.10.4 Improving grade of Imperial Armies. Training of Qt may be conducted by generals (S3) or the QTF. Qt may make advancement rolls based on training at the end of any month that the Qt trained at least 4 weeks. Qt may make advancement rolls based on combat per (F3.10.4.2). Qt may not make training rolls during any month they are involved in combat. Qt may be reserved from combat on a world in the consolidation phase to allow them to make training rolls, but they will not be included in any calculations for Table (V4.09.2) and may not be used to take combat losses for the month in which they are trained. Qt may not train on any world during the assault phase. Qt may be place in groups of 10 Qt (division) of equal grade for the purpose of advancement to simplify rolls.

F3.10.4.1 Troop grade increase due to training. Any Qt, with or without a general, may make a roll on the Peace column of Table F3.04.1 during any month if stationed on a world with an imperial population. If a general with a grade of LG+1 or greater is present, Qt may roll on the War column of Table F3.04.1. If a general with LG+2 or greater is present, Qt may roll on the Drilled column of Table F3.04.1. The BG+1 roll to advance of the Drilled column may only be attempted if a general of at least LG+3 is present. A general may train a number of Qt equal to its LG plus one, times 100.

F3.10.4.2 Troop grade increase due to combat. Any Qt stationed on a world for at least one month and present when the assault phase is sucessfully resolved may roll for advancement on the Drilled column of Table F3.04.1. Qt present on a world for at least three months during the assualt phase and removed from the world may make a roll on the War column of Table F3.04.1. Capture Qt are reduced in grade by one level, with all Qt reduced below BG considered lost for all purposes other than the interogation of crew per (V4.08.2) and (U4.04). Qt present on a world at the successful conclusion of the consolidation phase may make a roll for advancement on the War column of Table F3.04.1.

I would recommend all rules referring to troops as Qv be changed to Qt to avoid confusion with the ship system of the same designation.
This would involve a rather extensive search of the rules to identify all of these sections, and is beyond what I have completed here. It would definitely include section V. Section S would also need addressed, and changes to the generals with new special abilities (Trainer, etc) could be possible.
It could be included as an optional rule for those not interested in the additional record keeping this would entail.

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th

PostPosted: Sat 04 Jun 2011 06:11
by dazrand
Conscription and Military Post (CAMP). This sprawling facility supports ground forces in times of peace and war. The (CAMP) provides recruitment facilities, living quarters, training facilities, and maintenance bays. Any Qv stationed at a (CAMP) for the entire month requires no H expenditures for either maintenance or combat. Each (CAMP) can house up to its 25 Qv in a single month.
Size: 250 HS
Cost: 50 MC
HTK: 30 DP
Limits: Has empire-wide limit of 1 (CAMP) per 1000 PTU, but each (CAMP) may be located on any planet/moon/asteroid.

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th

PostPosted: Sat 04 Jun 2011 06:12
by dazrand
National Survey Observatory (NSO) - group of telescopes, science laboratories, sensors, and launch facilities used to survey local stellar and planetary objects. The facility acts as a race's best generation of X (counts as a software upgrade, always minimum of Xa) and creates 1 SP per month per station for any WP, asteroid, or planetary survey in the same star system. Each (NSO) may conduct different surveys, but each (NSO) may only apply its SP to a single survey type in a month. The surveys may not be blocked and do not cause treaty violations if a given survey location is occupied.
Size: 5 HS
Cost: 80 MC
PTU: None
Facility Limits: No limits, any number may be in a system. Must be located on a planet or moon.

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th

PostPosted: Sat 04 Jun 2011 06:13
by dazrand
Finance and Trade Center (FTC). This facility houses companies which drive the banking, financial, and trading exchanges of larger economies. This facility adds 5% to the GPV of small or larger population it is located with.
Size: 125 HS
Cost: 1500 MC
HTK: 10 DP
Facility Limits: Restricted as a non-capital facility [N4.03], but only 1 (FTC) per small or larger population.
Notes: Can only be located at a small or larger population.

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th

PostPosted: Sat 04 Jun 2011 15:07
by dazrand
Defense Language Institute (DLI). Government sponsored institute dedicated to studying the precepts of language in order to produce exceptional linguists. Each (DLI) in an empire provides the empire a +1 to first contact rolls. A Linguist Diplomat stationed at a (DLI) can impart some of his knowledge on students. While the Diplomate is located at a (DLI) the empire mayday half the diplomat's bonus to any one first contact roll. Due to the direct absence of the Diplomate, any result of "impossible communications" is not rerolled.
Size: 5 HS
Cost: 150 MC
Facility Limits: Limited as [N4.03].

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th

PostPosted: Sat 04 Jun 2011 15:46
by dazrand
Ground Cloak (CLKg). This massive installation floods the atmosphere with electromagnetic static, making detection of any population much more difficult. Populations so protected must be on a planet with an atmosphere, so this system does not work on asteroids moons, or mass 1 rocky planets. The masking effect is similar to regular (CLK) operations and reduces the effective sensor generation of any unit looking for a protected population. The only difference is the population's inherent sensor capability is not impacted by the (CLKg) operation.
SL - Code - Cost - Size - Notes
{c}35 - (CLKga) - 1600 - 250 HS - 40 DP. Reduces sensor generation by 1.
42 - (CLKgb) - 1800 - 300 HS - 45 DP. Reduces sensor generation by 2.
50 - (CLKge) - 2000 - 400 HS - 50 DP. Reduces sensor generation by 3.
{c}56 - (CLKgi) - 2200 - 450 HS - 55 DP. Reduces sensor generation by 4.
65 - (CLKgi) - 2500 - 500 HS - 60 DP. Reduces sensor generation by 5.
PTU: no support PTU required.
Facility Limits: Only 1 (CLKg) per population is allowed. An empire may have as many (CLKg) as they have populations.
Notes: Opens as a branch (g) from (CLK) at SL30.

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th

PostPosted: Sat 04 Jun 2011 15:53
by dazrand
Fleet Training Installation (FTI). This facility supports the naval forces in times of peace and war. The (FTI) provides superior training facilities for crews and staff, directs training efforts using the latest doctrines, and coordinates actions between combat and support personnel. This facility acts as a LG+1 admiral and allows up to 5 ships a month to use the Drilled column in [F3.04.1].
Size: 125 HS
Cost: 1500 MC
HTK: 10 DP
Limits: Restricted as a non-capital system facility [N4.03].

Re: ULTRA Mini-Contest #9: May 22nd to June 5th [Closed]

PostPosted: Mon 27 Jun 2011 00:16
by Cralis
Wow, this one took a long time to sort out. We only vaguely agreed upon the winner, the rest... well we all had our opinions on the rest. But in the end we know we can congratulate...

First Place: Dazrand with Fleet Training Installation (8 tickets)

Second Place: Dazrand with Defense Language Institute (4 tickets)

Although in this case we want to congratulate EVERYONE who entered. Your ideas made us realize something: we need to have better rules to allow facilities like these without doing the same thing we've done with RDS and PTF - have separate limits. What fun is that? There are no choices in one over the other, just built until you are full! This topic has spawned an entirely new debate on the SDS forum about facilities.