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Download Cutoff Solution

Postby Cralis on Mon 20 Jul 2020 02:44

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Some of our players have found that downloading the Ultimate CD or Legacy CD stops downloading before it is finish. We have found that after our provider updated to PHP 8.0, some connections time out after 10 minutes of downloading. Our provider verified that they have not introduced any kind of timeout and we have yet to identify why this is happening to about 5-10% of the downloads.

We have, however, found several solutions for players that encounter the issue:

1. Use Firefox. Firefox has a "resume download" feature that if you restart the download after it stops, it will pickup where it left off.

2022 update: The most recent versions of Firefox may no longer support "resume download", we have conflicting reports on whether this feature still works on Firefox.

2. One of our players found that works VERY well for these large downloads. Not only does it keep the download alive, but it apparently speeds up the download. In one player's case, from 400kb/sec to 4mb/sec.

3. Another player discovered that the downloads can also be completed using wget. The following link shows you how to get and use wget for windows and unix computers:

If you have encountered this issue and found a different solution, please post it here for others to use.

Thank you!
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