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Re: Nemasis Campaign Comments

PostPosted: Sun 13 Jan 2013 13:38
by M_Wadwell
Thanks for the latest snippet!

Good story - but we are still left hanging!!!! :cry:

When will the next snippet be released?


Re: Nemasis Campaign Comments

PostPosted: Sun 07 Jul 2013 11:45
by Vandervecken
Procyon, I'm hoping that you get the time and bandwidth to get more of March out sometime this summer !

Re: Nemasis Campaign Comments

PostPosted: Sun 07 Jul 2013 11:59
by procyon
Me too...

Re: Nemasis Campaign Comments

PostPosted: Sun 24 Nov 2013 22:22
by Goose
Thought I'd just hop on to say I've really enjoyed your stories. Can't wait till the next exciting instalment.

Re: Nemasis Campaign Comments

PostPosted: Sun 02 Mar 2014 03:12
by Vandervecken
WOW, has it really been over a year since your last story update, Procyon? This tale was so good that I remember it more than many books I have read. I know that all good things must end, but is there any hope that this saga could continue. Folks here and at the Aurora site would really like to read more if you have the time, patience, and desire to continue this epic fiction.

Luckily, there are others in the forum that get inspired to write (and I appreciate them all) if you decide to not put on your writer's 'cap'; but I can only hope that you find the spark that started you to write down the Nemesis campaign all those years ago and now hopefully give us even a few more entries.

Tsutomu 'two-tails' and I will always look forward to seeing a new chapter in your story.

P.S. - It's been a heck of a winter, eh? Currently at -16 degress F with a 12 MPH wind here where I am.
I hope you, the Missile-Queen, and the entire family get some good breaks weather-wise this spring, although some of your 'varmint' tales are pretty darn entertaining as well.

PostPosted: Thu 09 Oct 2014 15:37
by VoidStalker_WoE
I finally finished this epic read, and now I will start here on the discussion thread. Too bad the US player moved out, but such is life. And I would imagine that the FSC and China have also moved on as it were. Still, this is the best campaign AAR I have read to date. Thanks much for all the hard work, and very enjoyable reading.

Re: Nemasis Campaign Comments

PostPosted: Wed 19 Nov 2014 02:42
by Vandervecken
Even just a chance that you (Procyon) can finish March and possibly move on to April in this epic campaign has me waiting with "baited breath"; probably night crawlers or leeches as I'm not good with minnows. ;)

It looks like it is your turn to get clobbered with snow this week, just like us Minnesnowta folk got hit about week ago. And there is nothing like highs in the teens when the average is the upper thirtys for this time in November in my hometown. Of course, some places in PA, MI, and NY are getting 2 to 4 FEET of lake-effect snow as I type, so there are others who have a better right to complain than I.

Are you still working in the NICU dept. ?

Did the 'Age of Dreadnaughts' campaign ever get rolled out ?

P.S. - What a strange 'filter' your hospital uses. I usually see a lot of 'Teen Titans' when I search for STARFIRE on a friends or relatives computer, not PORN. Maybe there is an "Adult" actress with that moniker or nick-name ???

Re: Nemasis Campaign Comments

PostPosted: Wed 19 Nov 2014 16:09
by Cralis
A lot of standardized filters properly list under "games" ... his hospital is the first I've ever heard that listed it as an adult site.

Re: Nemasis Campaign Comments

PostPosted: Sat 22 Nov 2014 03:55
by procyon
So far so good.
I still have access and it's going on 2 weeks. :D

I have dug out the binders, and pulled up the old text files on the computers.
Now I just have to sit down and start reading. I intend to re-read the whole story (all 400+ pages in my binder), plus the notes, month outline, and turn sheets for March and the next couple months before I again put 'pen to paper' as it were.
But to be honest it is going to take me a week or three to do all this.

But the wheels are turning again. If I can just keep access going.

Playing March was a stressful roller coaster. Writing it has been almost as bad for me with the loss of access...

Re: Nemasis Campaign Comments

PostPosted: Sat 22 Nov 2014 11:35
by Cralis
You can do it! :)

If it helps, I've been posting on my phone from work during the day and will be for the next couple days as well. I've come to an understanding why you've disliked it...